2019/2020 Admission-Dual Degree Student

Before Applying

If you would like to apply to NTU as an international dual degree student, you must first obtain a nomination from your home university. Click here to find out if there is a dual degree agreement in place between NTU and your home university. 

How to Apply

2019/2020 Dual Degree Online Application

Step 1: Complete an online application form

Step 2: Download Declaration Form 
Step 3: Upload all required documents including
  • 1. Transcript of study records

    2. Statement of Purpose or Letter of Motivation

  • 3. Additional documents required by the department

Step 4: Confirm and submit your application

Dates and Deadlines


Nomination Period

Application Period

First Semester

March 20 to April 20

April 1 to April 27

Second Semester

November 5 to November 17

November 12 to December 3

Update: 2019 / 11 / 05