Students' Feedback

“ I have visited Taiwan a couple of times, but I have never actually learnt about the culture formally, so this was a rather fresh experience for me. Joining the program has been an eye-opening experience because I met people from so many different backgrounds and cultures. It’s something I’ll never get to experience if I were always in my comfort. ”

- Gladys Sim ( Singapore ), 2014 Chinese Language & Culture.

“I can’t forget the summer I spent in Taiwan with NTU Summer+1 people! It was the most interesting moment in my life. The assistance from NTU was nice and sufficient, and all student advisors were kind. The languages teachers are funny but skillful. It is the BEST program to learn not only Chinese but also Taiwanese culture! ”

- Yuki Suzuki(Japan), 2014 Chinese Language & Culture

“Although my luggage did not arrive until the second week, my NTU Summer+ experience was still phenomenal. Given the opportunity to participate once more, I would do so in a heartbeat. From the administration to the student representatives, everyone did their part in making sure I felt comfortable and connected. The exposure to high quality research and the relationships formed with students across the globe are memories that will not be forgotten.”

- Austin Wong (America), 2014 Laboratory Research

“My time in Taiwan was a very important stage in my life. The whole experience of the translation and interpretation scholarship program was truly amazing. The people, culture and education experiences were all one of a kind. In addition to all the coursework completed during that period, it was a great opportunity to visit Taiwan and meet people from all over the world. National Taiwan University broadened my ability to understand, establish, and maximize the core foundation of translating. The skills I learned at this institute were the key in developing my personal and professional goals.”

- Steven Yang (America), 2014 Translating Chinese

“The NTU summer programme of translating Chinese was a wonderful experience. Not only did we learn some interesting techniques for translating old and modern Chinese, we also got to do some interpreting. That and the combination of meeting people from all over the world really broadened my view and got me some friends that will last a lifetime.”

- Thomas Van Hoey (Belgium), 2014 Translating Chinese

“It was such a great opportunity to participate in a well-organized summer session as NTU+10! I was amazed from the beginning when the school sent me an e-mail with the whole package for preparation. It was not only well explained but also gave me nice impression on Taiwan. All the staffs were eager to help students and have fun together. Thanks to the program organizers, I could make friends easily from the beginning which gave me a lot of time to hang out with them and make nice memories together! I really appreciate it! I would definitely recommend NTU summer program!!”

- Jiye Oh (Korea), 2014 Translating Chinese

Update: 2016 / 10 / 20