Temple University Dual Bachelor’s Master’s Degree Program

Temple Dual Bachelor's Master's Degree Program

Founded in 1884 in Philadelphia, Temple University boasts 17 schools and colleges, over 540 degree programs, and outstanding academic performance in areas such as Business and Management, Sport Business, Film Studies and Psychology. The student number in Temple University is about 40,000 with a student-faculty ration of 14:1.(Offered programs: www.temple.edu/academics/degree-programs)。

In the DBMD program, students will spend three years in NTU's undergraduate program and two years in Temple's graduate program. Upon fulfilling the graduation requirements of the two universities, students will be conferred with both a bachelor's degree from NTU and a master's degree from Temple University in five years. This program benefits students with cultural exchanges in language, academics and, culture alongside with the international competitiveness brought out by the local and global degrees.

Temple University DBMD Program is a university-wide dual degree program undertaken by the OIA. The application must be submitted through NTU with nomination.


Student Status:
Currently enrolled NTU Junior or Senior bachelor student.

Curriculum Requirement:
Less than three courses to take to achieve graduation requirement.

GPA 3.3 or above (in 4.3 scale)
Note: Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA while enrolled at Temple.

English Proficiency: 
TOEFL iBT 79 or above/ IELTS Academic 6.5 or above
​Note: For Fox Business School applicants, TOEFL iBT 100 or above/IELTS Academic 7.0/7.5 or above is required;For Media and Communications applicants, TOEFL iBT 95 or above/ IELTS Academic 7.0 or above is required.

For Fox Business School applicants, GMAT or GRE report is required with a grade of 65% or above.

Application Period

Fall 2019 semester (August to December)
Application Submission Deadline: 4pm March 25, 2019

Spring 2020 semester (January to May)
Application Submission Deadline: 4pm October 7, 2019
*Some departments do not accept spring intake. Please look up before applying→DBMD Master Degree Options

Application Materials

Please finish 1. on your own, and then hand in the materials listed in 2. to the OIA. The OIA will deliver your application to Temple University.

  1. Temple University Online Application Form (An application fee of 60 US Dollars will be charged)
    Temple's graduate school online application: www.temple.edu/grad/admissions/international.htm and be sure to select "DBMD Applicants Only" as the application type.
    • Students applying to graduate programs in the Fox School of Business apply online at http://fox.force.com.
    • Students applying to the School of Sport, Tourism, and Hospitality Management should apply online at http://fox.force.com/sthm.
    • Students applying to the MPH in the School of Public Health should apply online at http://sophas.org and through the main Graduate School link above. 
  2. Materials to be submitted in hardcopy:
    (1) NTU Application Form Form
    (2) Individual Study Plan Form
    (3) 3 Letters of Recommendation Form, please ask the recommender to seal the letter in a envelope and sign
    (4) Resume or Curriculum Vitae
    (5) NTU Transcript of Academic Record (in English and sealed. Please apply through Office of Academic Affairs.)
    (6) 臺大歷年修課檢視表或應屆畢業生成績審核表 (in Chinese version of MyNTU System)
    (7) Proof of English Proficiency
    Note: TOEFL scores should be forwarded to the Temple University Graduate School electronically (Institutional Code: 2906). IELTS scores should be forwarded in an official score reportto the Temple University Graduate School.
    (8) For Fox Business School applicants, GMAT or GRE report is required with a grade of 65% or above.
    Note: GMAT scores should be forwarded to the Temple University Graduate School electronically (Institutional Code: 2906).
    (9) I-20Application Form(Application for Certificate of Eligibility)Form
    (10) Bank Statement in English or in Chinese/English bilingual format (within 6 months)

     Instructions on application materials: www.temple.edu/provost/international/gp/apply/dbmd.html


Upon receiving the admission letter from Temple University, please bring it to the OIA and pay a 2,000 NT dollars administrative fee. We will assist with the administrative process at NTU. According to 《國立臺灣大學辦理本校學生赴境外研修要點》, the administrative fee is non-refundable in any circumstance.


NTU: Students are required to pay full tuition and miscellaneous fee of NTU during their stay at Temple University.
Temple University: For the accurate tuition fee of each program, please refer to bursar.temple.edu/tuition-and-fees

Academic Calendar

Temple University Academic Calendar
Orientation: Student should arrive one week before beginning of semester or as indicated by the school department.


Course Schedule: www.temple.edu/courses
Graduate Bulletin: www.temple.edu/gradbulletin/index.htm


Lodging (approximate): $4,000-$5,000/semester (rent + utilities)
Food cost: Approx. $1,500/semester
Temple University Housing and Residential Life: housing.temple.edu/campus-living/residence-halls/graduate-housing
Off-campus Accommodations: www.temple.edu/provost/international/gp/housing/offcampus-options.html

Other Information
  • DBMD degree options can be found at: www.temple.edu/provost/international/gp/programs/dbmd-master.html
  • Graduate admission decisions are reviewed by the department in which the student chooses to apply and most decisions are completed within 4-6 weeks after students submit a complete application package to Temple University.
  • DBMD students are eligible to receive merit based scholarships in their second year based upon their academic performance.
  • www.temple.edu/isss (visa information and I-20 application)

Ms. Jean Kao/(02) 3366 2007 ext. 229/jeankao@ntu.edu.tw

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