Appropriate Technology

This program aims to enable students in learning the biodiversity and in translational merit of the bio-resources in Taiwan. Example is given as the following with a focus on Cordyceps spp. Participating students will have to attend a field trip involving in collecting indigenous fungi, in particular the fungi infected insects and known to be used in Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), such as Cordyceps spp. In addition, students will also practice to identify, cultivate and analyze the collected fungi. In this program, bioassays and toxicological test will be conducted to investigate any of their potential usages in medicine and healthy supplement to improve the global health. At last, the protocols for cultivation and fermentation growth in vitro of the Cordyceps spp. will be learned and it is important for future industrialization. 

Appropriate Technology Practice Course

Techniques :

  1. Fungal collection and single spore/hyphae isolation
  2. Microscopy (stereo and upright)
  3. PCR
  4. Microorganism culturing and handling
  5. Bioreactor and fermenter
  6. Analytical HPLC
  7. Mass spectrometry
  8. Cell culture
  9. Spectrophotometer
  10. Flow cytometer
  11. Cell cytoxicity assay (MTT)
  12. Transwell/time-lapse microscopy for cell migration
  13. Zebrafish technology
  14. Animal caring and oral gavage
  15. Paraffin embedding and microtome
  16. H&E staining 

Participating laboratories:

Dr. Tang-Long Shen (Cancer Cell Biology)
Dr. Shih-Torng Ding (Nutritional Molecular Biology)
Dr. Shean-Shong Tzean (Mycology)
Dr. Tsai-Kun Li (Chromatin Biology and DNA Topoisomerases)
Dr. Hsinyu Lee (Endocrinology)
Mucho Ltd. Inc., Taiwan (Industry)


  1. Field trip --- SST/TLS/Mucho
  2. Laboratory identification (including documentation, photography, isolation, culture, and genotyping -- SST /TLS
  3. Cultivation and fermentation --- SST /TLS
  4. Chemical analyses --- TLS
  5. in vitro bioassays (MTT, migration, whitening, ROS, lipolysis, anti-virus) --- TLS/TKL/HL
  6. Toxicological test --- TLS/SSD
  7. Industrialization --- Mucho
  8. Report written
  9. Result discussion




Mar 9 - Mar 18, 2017

Application Fee

USD 150 (Non-refundable)

Program Fees

Partner-university students : USD 1,600

International students : USD 1,800

The program fee includes expenses for lectures, study materials and resources, orientation, accommodation, travel insurance, cultural events, Lab Work, Shuttle service between Airport and campus


Applied Translational Microbiology (3 credits)


Housing is provided for students on campus in our BOT Chang-Hsing Dormitory, which offers single rooms in a student residential complex equipped with sports facilities and spacious common areas

Who May Apply

International students currently studying at a domestic or international university are eligible to apply. Incoming exchange/degree students at NTU are also welcome to apply. The courses are conducted in English. Students whose first language is not English should have at least an intermediate or above level of English proficiency.

The Application Period: October 20 to December 31, 2016.

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