+C1 Chinese Language & Culture

Here at NTU we proudly provide a unique and truly international summer experience. Our educational programs encourage intellectual exploration of the highest academic quality -- all while obtaining school credits. These programs provide you with the fantastic opportunity to increase your intercultural competence and expand your network of international friends and connections.

National Taiwan University is one of the world's leading research institutions and the highest ranked university in the Chinese-speaking world (ARWU 2012). Every summer, students from across the world participate in our Summer+ Programs in the heart of Taipei – one of the safest and friendliest cities on earth.


Chinese Language & Culture

In the “+C1 ” program, you will undergo a 4-week program that builds competence in Chinese language and allows the student to experience Taiwanese culture.

Our team of instructors will help you to learn Mandarin Chinese and become familiar with the local blend of East Asian cultures in this short period of time, within a supportive framework.

Exploring Taiwan

Our program offers a series of English-based lectures and field trips that allow you to explore specific environmental and sociocultural aspects of Taiwan.

Outdoor learning

Excursions give you a direct understanding of Taiwanese culture while One-day trips are organized outside of Taipei for an in-depth exploration of our diverse nation.

Student advisors

Each program offers a number of well-trained NTU students who can provide support for any problem you may encounter during your summer program.

Update: 2016 / 02 / 19