+N1 Biotechnology

Our Summer +N1 program is an English-taught program combining one-week laboratory experience with a one-week Animal Biotechnology Laboratory Practice Course. Through laboratory experience, Summer +N1 is an attractive opportunity to learn about cutting-edge research in a laboratory of your choice, explore a variety of scientific research and have discussions with some of NTU’s distinguished professors. Through the Laboratory Practice Course, you will discover core techniques for biotechnological research. Moreover, your international sense will be fostered through an environment of cross-cultural communication.

Animal Biotechnology Laboratory Practice Course includes

  • Gene expression determination
  • Imaging the cell biology
  • Immunohistochemistry analysis
  • Immunofluorescence staining
  • Protein purification and characterization
  • Identification of microorganism.

Gain laboratory experience at the

  • Graduate Institute of Oral Biology
  • Graduate Institute of Microbiology
  • Graduate Institute of Zoology
  • Graduate Institute of Immunology
  • Graduate Institute of Biotechnology
  • Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology
  • Department of Animal Science and Technology

All-inclusive Fee

The program fee covers tuition, laboratory fee, study materials and resources, housing, travel insurance, airport transportation, orientation, cultural activities, and excursions.

Update: 2016 / 02 / 19