Information for Incoming Exchange Student



Before you enter Taiwan, you should apply for a Resident or Visitor Visa from the Taiwanese Embassy or Mission in your residence country with acceptance letter (both Chinese and English) and admission letter (only in Chinese) from NTU. Look up Embassies and Missions closest to you.

Please note that if you fail to obtain visa issued from Taiwanese Embassies or being rejected, the exchange student identity will also be canceled.

If you are a Mainland China Passport holder, you will need to enter Taiwan with an Entry Permit (入臺證). According to regulation of National Immigration Agency, we will help you to apply for an Entry Permit. Find out more in the Guide for Mainland China Passport Holders.


Will you stay in Taiwan for one academic year?

If so:once you have registered at NTU, you can apply for a Resident Visa at the Bureau of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs if you entered Taiwan on a Visitor Visa.

As soon as you receive your Resident Visa, you have 15 days to apply for an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) at the National Immigration Agency in Taipei. You can also request a Re-entry Permit (多重入國許可) in the meantime.

The ARC for exchange students is valid for one year and cannot be extended.

Insurance and Health Exam Requirement

NTU Insurance Policy

You are requested to purchase your own insurance in your home country before entering Taiwan.

Please provide a proof of accident and medical insurance which worth a minimum of TWD 1,000,000 (approx. USD 34,000) for each and valid for the entire exchange period.

If you hold an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) and have met the six-month minimum residency requirement, you can choose to join the National Health Insurance (NHI) with limited coverage.

NTU Health Exam Policy

To meet NTU and government requirements, all new students must take a health exam by a qualified doctor and complete each examination listed on the NTU Incoming Exchange/Visiting Students Health Exam Form. You can complete it one of the following ways:

1. Do it in your home country
2. Do it in Taiwan: 
If you can't do the health exam in your home country, you can take the exam at NTU Hospital (instructions) once you arrive in Taiwan and submit the report on the registration day. 

Please note

If you need to change to a Resident Visa, be aware that you will have to take the health exam for the Resident Visa in a Ministry-designated hospital, in which NTU Hospital is not included. You can also take both the Resident Visa and NTU Health Exam forms at a designated hospital and ask them to fill out the results on both forms. As it takes 5-7 days for the health exam results, students who take the exam in Taiwan and cannot receive the report by registration day should sign an agreement to submit the health exam form within two weeks.

Dormitories Moving-in and Maps

Below is some moving-in information and maps to the different dormitories, for your reference.

Prince House - NTU Chang-Hsing (長興) / Shui-Yuan (水源) Dorms

On the day of moving in, you may purchase the bedding items (mattress, pillow, blanket etc.) from the front desk of Building A (refer to the picture below) or from the convenience stores nearby. As for the daily necessities, you may purchase them from the convenience stores nearby.

You may request assistance from your student volunteer on the day of moving-in.   

For more detailed information, please refer to NTU Prince House.

Below is also the Prince House Guide Map for your reference.

Guo Qing Dorms ( IYC )

On the day of moving in, you may purchase the bedding items and daily necessities from the convenience and departmental stores nearby. Please refer to the Guide Map below. 

You may request assistance from your student volunteer on the day of moving-in.   

For more detailed information, please refer to Guo Qing Dorm.

NTU Student Volunteer

To help you settle in and to acquaint you with NTU student life, the OIA will assign a NTU student volunteer to you, upon request on your application form. You'll receive a welcome email from your student volunteer before the semester starts. Please reply directly to his/her email. If you haven't heard from your student volunteer by then, we suggest you contact your OIA regional manager.


Extend or Shorten Your Exchange Period

Leaving NTU: Online Deregistration System

Grades and Official Transcript

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