2020/2021 Visiting Student Program - Application

Application Period for the 2020/2021 Academic Year

If you are applying for … From To
First (Fall, from September) Semester March 15, 2020 *May 15, 2020
Second (Spring, from Feburary ) Semester October 01, 2020 October 31, 2020

*The deadline of applicaion for  2020/2021 1st semester (From September) is postponed to May 15,  2020 due to the COVID 19.

Application Instruction- First (Fall)Semester  2020

  1. Complete the application form online by accessing the Online Application System (to be open on October 1, 2020) during the application period. You do not need to complete your online application in one setting. Once you've activated an online account, you can log back into the application system and complete the application any time before the deadline.
  2. Upload the following documents to the system before the deadline (hard copies are not accepted) and log-in to Online Tracking System to check the application status after submitting the application. 
  3.   Application Documents Upload Deadline Note
    A Passport-sized photograph May 15, 2020 A digital ID photo in compliance with government regulations. See Guidelines for ePassport Photographs (JPG format).
    B Motivation letter/Statement of Purpose May 15, 2020

    Must be in one page and be written in English or Chinese

    C Official Transcript with Academic Records May 15, 2020 A color photocopy of official transcripts which include all courses taken during your current degree level (PDF format).
    D Photocopy of non-Taiwanese Passport May 15, 2020 A color photocopy of personal information page of your passport (PDF format). Mainland Chinese applicants may submit a color photocopy of both front and back of your PRC identity card instead (PDF format). If you hold dual citizenship including a Taiwanese passport, please note that male Taiwanese citizens may be required to complete military service and consult with relevant authorities for more information.
    E International Student Declaration Form May 15, 2020 Please print out on the application system  and sign the document (English version), upload the signed copy in PDF file. Please hand in the original file on the registration day.
    F 2 Letters of Recommendation May 15, 2020 In one single PDF file, include two letters of recommendation by two separate parties. Your recommenders must be academically related to you who can comment on your academic ability. Recommenders have the option to send the letter directly to the Visiting Student Program's manager, Ms. Flora Hsieh, at <hhjung@ntu.edu.tw>.
    F Financial Statement May 15, 2020 All visiting students must document their ability to meet all educational and living expenses at NTU. Please provide a financial or bank statement which shows that you have funds meeting or exceeding USD 6,500 (TWD 195,000). Bank statements of the applicant's parents can be accepted. If you're coming with a scholarship, please provide relevant documents. See Tuition & Fees for a list of estimated expenses (PDF format).
    G Certificate of Remittance for Application Fee May 15, 2020 An application fee payment of TWD 15,000 must be made by wire transfer to your unique designated beneficiary account by the time of application. The payment details can be downloaded from the "Payment" section of the Online Application System. Submit a photocopy of certificate of remittance after the transfer is made (PDF format).
    H Medical & Accident Insurance Proof        X Please refer to Before Arrival tab for more details.
    I NTU Health Exam Form & Form C                                                                                                                               X                                                                                   

    The Health exam form must be completed after June 10, 2020. Please submit the original file to the OIA on the registration day. For more details, please refer to Before Arrival tab.


At NTU you can expect to live in quality accommodation. Each semester, local and international students enjoy the convenience and affordability of our residential services. Accommodation application is included in the Visiting Student Application and should be submitted online before the application deadline (May 15 for First Semester, October 31 for Second Semester). Late applications will not be accepted. Please note that we do not provide accommodation for couples and families.

Due to the limited number of rooms, we cannot guarantee that your most preferred room type will be available. Therefore, please choose at least three types of room. To know more details about the different room types of Prince House Dorm, please refer to: Study >> Study at NTU >> Accommodation.

Update: 2020 / 07 / 02