+C2 Chinese Translation and Culture

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Here at NTU we proudly provide a unique and truly international summer experience. Our educational programs encourage intellectual exploration of the highest academic quality -- all while obtaining school credits. These programs provide the opportunity to increase your intercultural competence and expand your network of international friends and connections.

National Taiwan University is one of the world’s leading research institutions and one of the top university in the Chinese-speaking world. Every summer, students from across the world participate in our Summer+ Programs in the heart of Taipei – one of the safest and friendliest cities on earth.

Program Overview

* Full program fees (including application fee) waivers will be offered to several applicants, based on merit. *

This program has been designed for international students who are non-native speakers of Chinese and have advanced English and Chinese skills. The objective of the program is to establish a solid foundation in Chinese-English translation.

Course Introduction

At the core of this Chinese-English Translation program are classes that devote equal amounts to both theory and practice. Theory courses include Introduction to Translation, English to Chinese Translation, Chinese to English Translation, and Comprehensive Topics in Translation, etc.  The courses are mainly conducted in Chinese. Practice courses include translation practicum and discussion sessions to develop students' practical skills. At the end of this program, students need to complete English subtitles for an 8-13 minute online course video. NTU will select the finest translations to make public to the world.

Enjoying life outside the schoolroom

From site visits to cultural activities and field trips, the program includes ample opportunities to supplement class lectures, for a well-rounded, unforgettable summer.

Student advisors

Student advisors are available throughout the summer. They are NTU students who have been professionally trained to assist you if you need help.

All-inclusive program fee

We offer a simple one-time payment for the entirety of program expenses. The only extra money needed throughout your stay would be for food and personal spending.

Scholarship opportunity

Full program fees (including application fee) waivers will be offered to several applicants, based on merit. We will announce application and scholarship results by mid May.

Update: 2016 / 02 / 19