NTU Spring+ Programs


Our NTU Spring Plus programs enable students from all over the world to gain first-hand experience, college credits, and cultural exploration – all within an international setting based on academic and personal growth. Not only do these programs allow students to expand their cultural experiences, they give them the tools to succeed in diverse environments by encouraging travel, dialogue, and hands-on experiences in several fields of study.




+1 Chinese Language & Culture Program - 2018!

Program: March 1 – March 25, 2018 (three weeks)

Application: October 20 -  December 31, 2017                



                     [ English flyer ]                                                          日本語フライヤー]


NTU's Spring+ 1 allows you to experience an East Asian culture and gain Mandarin Chinese competence during the 3-week program. The program is based on a unique mix of cultural courses and Mandarin Chinese lessons. Every cultural course is conducted in English and studies a different environmental, historical or sociocultural facet of Taiwan. Weekly field trips and social activities are offered for deeper immersion into East Asian civilization.

+2 English Language & Culture Program

March 11– March 25, 2018 (two weeks)

Application: October 20 -  December 31, 2017    

Students will take both English language courses and English-taught Taiwanese cultural courses, taught by the NTU professors and faculty.

This program  suits students whose English ability falls between TOEIC 400 ~ 600.


                                                                      Video clip by Chiba University


+3 Science & Culture Program

Program: April 29 - May 06, 2018 (one week)

Application: October 20 -  February 10, 2018   

This program explores the world of science and Taiwanese biodiversity, while taking a closer look into the island’s East Asian culture. This program is especially designed for freshmen and sophomores who are interested in general science. 


+4 Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability Program

Program: March 06 – 23, 2018 (three weeks)

Application: October 20 -  January 12, 2018                

National Taiwan University’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Spring Program is a two-week program offered by the College of Management which provides students with a unique and exciting opportunity to study and experience in Taiwan. Students will obtain most recent business trend and explore innovation and entrepreneurship practices. The program aims to help students turn theory into practice, ambition into purpose, and potential into achievement.


+5 Appropriate Technology (Biotechnology) Program

Program: March 9 – March 18, 2017 (one week)

Application: October 20 -  December 31, 2016                  

This program aims to enable students in learning the biodiversity and in translational merit of the bio-resources in Taiwan. Example is given as the following with a focus on Cordyceps spp. Participating students will have to attend a field trip involving in collecting indigenous fungi, in particular the fungi infected insects and known to be used in Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), such as Cordyceps spp. In addition, students will also practice to identify, cultivate and analyze the collected fungi. In this program, bioassays and toxicological test will be conducted to investigate any of their potential usages in medicine and healthy supplement to improve the global health. At last, the protocols for cultivation and fermentation growth in vitro of the Cordyceps spp. will be learned and it is important for future industrialization. 


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