At NTU, almost everyone has a bike to quickly travel between classrooms within our large campus. The following is a brief introduction to bikes on campus. For detailed regulations, please refer to “Regulations of Campus Traffic in National Taiwan University” ( only in Chinese )

Where and how to get a bike?

There are used bike auctions from time to time at the Shui Yuan bicycle towing area for NTU students, staff, and faculty members. The price will not be more than NTD 1,200 for each and the price depends on the condition. For more information please refer to the “used bike auction section” of the Bicycle Parking Management Center

Bicycle Parking Permit

Every bicycle parked in the campus needs a parking permit. A bicycle without parking permit can be towed away. After 2 months, the unclaimed bicycles will be disposed as worthless.

For applying for the bicycle parking permit,  please refer to the Bicycle parking management center

Bicycle towing and claiming

If your bike is towed because of illegally parking, please go to the “Bicycle parking management center” to search for your bike, and go to the Shui Yuan bicycle towing area to claim your bike.

More detailed information about bicycles on campus, please refer to the “Bicycle parking management center”


If you don't want to purchase a bike, you can rent a “YouBike” offered by The Department of Transportation, Taipei City Government. All you need is an “EasyCard” ( i.e., your student ID card ) to rent a YouBike.

For more information, please refer to: YouBike

Last update : 2021 / 03 / 05