Student Activities and Organizations

NTU International Students Facebook Group

In order to provide more effective service, we created a Facebook group, NTU International Students.

The Facebook group welcome all upcoming international students including degree students, exchange students, and visiting students at NTU. Please send a required request to our group so we can add you.

In this group, OIA will post useful information about activities on campus as well as any relevant announcements that you may need to know. The group also functions as a community for international students to interact, share, and chat with one another.

We hope that you will find the group useful!

Taiwan Hostfamily Program

If you, as an international student, would like to have an inside view of what life in Taiwan is, meanwhile knowing more about politics, history, economy in Taiwan, or other aspects of Taiwan's society, then you certainly have to participate in the activities organized by Taiwan Host family Program.

For more information, please refer to: Taiwan Hostfamily Program

Student Organizations

Currently, NTU has more than 400 student clubs in operation, comprised of 8 different types of clubs:self-governing, academic, entertaining, servicing, social development, group activity, physical training, art and sports teams. For more information, please go to the Student Activity Division website.

1.NTU International Student Information Service Club ( NTU ISIE )

NTU ISIE is a volunteer group of NTU students who help international students integrate into campus life and facilitate cultural exchanges with local students. NTU ISIE offers assistance with dorm move-in, registration, and introduction to campus life.

NTU ISIE partners with OIA and NTUFSA to hold cultural interaction activities. Every semester, NTU ISIE holds a day trip for international students to experience the local culture. NTU ISIE also holds lectures on international affairs to enhance communication among club members and broaden the knowledge of local students.

2.NTU Japanese Students' Association ( NTUJSA )

3.NTU Vietnamese Students' Association ( NTUVSA )

4.NTU Korean Students' Association ( NTUKSA )

5.NTU Malaysian Students' Association (NTUMSA)

6.NTU Indonesian Students' Association​ (NTUISA)

Last update : 2021 / 03 / 05