Banking Information

The Post Office

The post office provides both postal and banking services, including shipping and receiving, deposit and withdrawal, etc. Post offices are available on Campus ( 1F in Xiao-Fu ) and at the MRT Gongguan Station. To open a financial account in the post office, you should bring the original and a copy of both your passport and ARC, and at least NTD 100 for a deposit.


Bank Accounts

To open a bank account, bring the original and a copy of both your passport and ARC and at least NT$100 to the bank for the procedure. It is strongly recommended that you apply for an ATM bank card, so you can use it to withdraw money from ATMs at any bank anytime. ATMs can be found on the street and inside many convenience stores in Taipei.

Bank/ Postal Account Opening Notice for the Under Age

According to Taiwan's regulations, people who have limited capacity to make juridical acts ( i.e., those under the age of 20 ), must submit a letter of consent notarized by Taiwan's embassies ( or representative offices ) from their statutory agents or guardians. Alternatively, if the applicant wishes to submit evidence regarding different regulations about the age of majority in his/her home country, he/she must submit the relevant documents notarized by Taiwan's embassies ( or representative offices ) for approval. A sample statement from a statutory agent can be downloaded from the following link:


Foreign Exchange

If you need to exchange foreign currency into New Taiwan Dollars( NTD ), please keep in mind that most banks only have USD, HKD and Japanese Yuan available. Only the head office of Taiwan Bank offers other currencies. You are required to bring your passport and ARC in order to exchange foreign currencies.

The Head Office of Taiwan Bank
No.120, Sec.1, Zhong-Qing South Rd., Taipei. ( near MRT Taipei Railway Station )

The Head Office of the Shanghai Commercial Saving Bank:
No.2, Sec.1, Min-Quan East Rd., Taipei ( near MRT Min-Quan West Rd. Station )

Hua Nan Bank NTU Branch
ext to the Lu Ming Hall ( 鹿鳴堂 ) on NTU campus.

On Campus ATM Spots

  Please refer to NTU campus map.

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