After Arrival

2019/2020 Post-Arrival Guidebook

Please click on the photo to access the AY2019/2020 Post-Arrival Guidebook which includes essential information on topics including course selection, campus life, dormitory, etc. To download an electronic version, please click here.

Welcome Activities (for 2019 Fall Semester)

OIA prepared a series of welcome activities to welcome you to National Taiwan University. Please access the 2019/2020 Orientation Activities to get the most updated information.


Registration (for 2019 Fall Semester)

Visiting students must complete registration after arrival in Taiwan. Please follow the information sent from the Office of International Affairs and attend the registration on-time. 

Two things you must do before the registration:

1.  Provide your emergency contact in Taiwan

Please refer to to provide your contact information in Taiwan. As a reminder, all blanks on the page are mandatory items. With regard to your contact number in Taiwan, there are many telecommunication stores near the campus that sells prepaid phone card or SIM card. You may ask your student volunteer or the reception desk in the dormitory for more help.

2.  Finish payment and get a receipt

Program Fee:  The email will be sent to you to notify to download the remittance paper to pay before August 20.

Tution Fee : Please follow the instruction of "How to Print Your Billing Statement to download and finish payment" before the registration day.

Five items you need to bring to the registration venue:

1.  Admission letter

2.  Payment sheet and receipt

3.  Hard copy of NTU Health Exam Form & Form C (all itemes cheched)

4.  Photocopy of Medical & Accident Insurance Proof

5. Hard copy of  International Student Declaration Form 


1.  Please make sure you have pasted a passport size photo on the NTU Health Exam Form.

2.  Students without all required documents or arrive late to the registration venue are not allowed to complete the registration on the assigned date. If you did not complete registration, please email your NTU exchange coordinator to schedule a make-up registration.

Last update : 2021 / 01 / 15