Graduate Degree Program

Overseas students applying to NTU are divided into International Students, Overseas Chinese Students, Hong Kong and Macao Students, and Mainland Chinese Students. The application process, tuition fees, and available degrees may differ depending on student identities.


The application for the Second Semester (2021 February Entry) only opens for Ph.D. Degree Programs.

Second Semester (2021 February Entry) Individual Application for International Students
Application starts August 3, 2020
Application ends October 23, 2020
Result announcement December 4, 2020
First Semester (September 2021 entry) Individual Application for International Students (First Roudn) Individual Application for International Students (Second Roudn) University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Students
Application starts August 3, 2020 January 5, 2021 Click here to get more detailed information.
Application ends December 18, 2020 February 25, 2021
Result announcement February 4, 2021 April 16, 2021

NTU provides a variety of application methods for students with different nationalities. All the applications can be submitted through the online application systems, and it is not necessary to send us any hard copy documents by airmail.  After you have submitted your application online, you can check your application status through the system anytime, it is very simple and intuitive.

The program duration for the Master's degree is usually between 1 to 4 years and for the Ph.D. degree is usually between 2 to 7 years. Students with different nationality may apply through different application methods:

  Individual Application for International Students University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Students
Overseas Chinese Students X V
Hong Kong and Macao Students X V
International Students V X

Before starting your application online, it is important to recognize your identity and all the different application methods. Please simply click the name of each application method to get more detailed information.


Tuition fees vary from college to college. You can find the price range as below and more detailed information can be found here

Identity Full tuition / semester

Overseas Chinese Students

Hong Kong and Macao Students

TWD 25,640 - TWD 39,170

(USD 855 - USD 1,306)

International Students

TWD 51,280 - TWD 78,340

(USD 1,710 - USD 2,612)


NTU provides scholarship opportunities for both new students and current students. Students who meet the application criteria can directly submit their application through the online application system. Click here to get more detailed information about the application criteria for each scholarship.


Hong Kong and Macao Students, Overseas Chinese Students, and International Students are guaranteed an on-campus accommodation upon application. There are two types of on-campus accommodation, one is General Dorms and the other is Prince House Dorm. The rental fee may vary depending on the housing you are allocated to.

If you want to compare the differences between the abovementioned dormitories, please refer to home >>Prospective Students >>Study at NTU >>Accommodation.

Last update : 2021 / 02 / 18