For Non-NTU Students

Discover NTU's dynamic and effective Chinese programs which benefit from the university's long experience offering high-quality language courses to students from all over the world. NTU is a global authority in Chinese language proficiency and runs a selection of well-tailored courses to meet your needs, regardless of your level.

NTU offers the following options for people not enrolled in degree or non-degree programs to study Chinese at NTU. These programs are applied for directly through the relevant websites and not through the Office of International Affairs. If you have any questions regarding these programs, please directly contact them using the information provided below.

NTU Plus Academy

NTU Plus Academy, managed and supported by the Office of International Affairs, offers topic-based short-term programs, including language learning programs as part of it's Chinese Studies series. Currently, NTU Plus Academy offers the following language-learning programs:

Chinese Language & Culture

The Chinese Language & Culture program has been designed for students of all levels, beginning or advanced, who want to learn fluent Chinese. Additionally, the curriculum provides opportunities for interaction and improving communication skills. The course includes different themes that tie together the daily language class, cultural activities and interactions with locals. The program also offers a series of English-language lectures and field trips that allow you to explore specific environmental and sociocultural aspects of Taiwan.

Advanced Chinese Sinology

The Advanced Chinese Sinology series of courses aims at cultivating students' abilities for understanding reading materials, comprehending culture and becoming familiar with research trends. Therefore, students studying Sinology, especially those setting their goal on doing Sinology research, are the main audience for this program. Currently, two courses are provided to the students, Modern Taiwanese Literature and Culture, and Chinese Lyric Poetry. These courses are taught by professional teachers of the Chinese Literature department. In addition to academic courses, there are also activities such as visiting sites that hold significant cultural meaning. The courses provide education that emphasizes equality and allows students to experience the local culture of Taiwan in a closer way.

Chinese Translation & Culture

The Chinese Translation & Culture program has been designed for international students who are non-native speakers of Chinese and have advanced English and Chinese skills. The objective of the program is to establish a solid foundation in Chinese-English translation. The program also includes excursions that give you a direct understanding of Taiwanese culture, while one-day trips are organized outside of Taipei for an in-depth exploration of the diversity of Taiwan. Each program offers well-trained NTU students who can provide support for any problem you may encounter during your short-term program.


To learn more about the NTU Plus Academy short-term programs, please visit the NTU Plus Academy website.

Chinese Language Division, Language Center (CLD)

The Chinese Language Division of the Language Center (CLD) has programs for all levels. One year consists of 4 terms, 12 weeks per term with the exception of a 10-week winter term, 1 week counting 15 hours of class. There are 4 to 6 students per class. Additionally, CLD also offers courses such as Taiwanese language, individual class, and small 2-3 people classes. The CLD also arranges orientation and campus tours for new students, as well as spring and autumn excursions to famous cultural attractions.


International Chinese Language Program (ICLP)

The International Chinese Language Program (ICLP) is an intensive total immersion program tailored to meet the needs of the serious Chinese-language learner. ICLP offers courses in a wide range of professional and practical subjects, available in both traditional and simplified Chinese. ICLP operates small classes of 1 to 4 students each, on a quarterly system. The 32-week academic year program spans 3 quarters from September to June, while the 8-week summer quarter begins in June and ends in August.

Program features

  • Intensive core program of 20 hours per week.
  • Long and short-term customized programs.
  • Daily 1-on-1 class.
  • Optional range of courses: culture, news, films, business, law, literature, classical Chinese, translation, etc.
  • Extra-curricular activities: pronunciation class, grammar class, character-writing class, creative writing class, calligraphy class, Chinese painting, watercolor painting, debate, field trip, etc.
  • Frequent guest lectures by local and international scholars, artists, and distinguished alumni.
  • Modern facilities: 2 language labs, a library, a lecture hall, and a spacious lounge.


Last update : 2021 / 01 / 22