About University Staff Training Program

We provide staff training programs aimed at enhancing administrative innovation. The programs include lectures and department visits. They encourage trainees to discuss and provide feedback to one another. As a trainee, you gain new insight into your working skills and daily routine tasks.

Every program is:
●  connected to your areas of expertise (e.g. HR, finance, campus security…)
●  customized to your goals

By the end of the program, you can obtain:
●  a personal Staff Trainee Certificate
●  an Evaluation Form, which clarifies and summarizes your achievements
●  a Final Report, which includes training material


General Inquiry
Linda Chang
Tel: 02 3366 2007 ext. 216

Kuwait Program 
Carol Lin
Tel: 02 3366 2007 ext. 227

Update: 2015 / 05 / 14