Scholarships - Scholarships FAQ

For Current Students:

  1. I am already an NTU student. Can I apply for NTU scholarships?

International degree students who were admitted by “International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan” can apply for NTU Scholarships. For all available NTU scholarships, please refer to following link: [Scholarships for Current Students]

  1. I am already an NTU student. Can I apply for Taiwan scholarships?

You cannot. The application for Taiwan scholarships must be submitted to an ROC Embassy or Mission Abroad during the application process before arriving in Taiwan.

  1. How do I apply for the Financial Assistance Grant for International Students?

Applicants can apply through our online application system. Every year around February and March, OIA will send the link for the online application to your NTU webmail address. Please check your email during that time. The link will be posted on our website as well: [Scholarships for Current Students]

Required Documents:

  1. Transcripts: Download from the myNTU website or go to Office of Academic Affairs.
  2. Advisor Evaluation Form: Graduate Students who do not have transcripts can submit an Advisor Evaluation Form instead.
  3. Resume (or CV): There is no set format.
  4. Research Proposal (for Graduate Students only)
  5. Other documents: Any document that you feel can strengthen your application (e.g. award records, proof of outstanding performance, any publications, etc.)
  1. Who makes the decision as to who will be awarded?

The professors from the department to which the applicant belongs will make the decision.

  1. What are the odds of being awarded a scholarship?

About half of the applicants will receive scholarships.

  1. In what ways can we boost our chances of receiving a scholarship?

The scholarship application will be based on your admissions application. When applying for an NTU program, simply prepare your documents as required and upload them in the correct formats. If there are any missing files or errors, your chances of being awarded a scholarship will decrease.

  1. How do I know if I am awarded an NTU Scholarship?

The results will be posted in the application system. Please log in to check.

  1. I am a dual degree student. Can I apply for scholarships?

NTU Scholarships are offered to international students who were admitted by “International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan.” Dual degree students who are admitted by the contracts between NTU and their home universities are not qualified.

For Scholarships Receiving:

  1. If I postpone my graduation, can I continue receiving scholarship stipends?

No, you cannot. Every scholarship has a fixed duration. Please read through the regulations for your scholarship.

  1. I have been awarded a scholarship with a tuition fee waiver. Do I have to pay with my own money first upon registration?

If your tuition fee is waivered, the amount on your Tuition and Fees Payment Invoice will be 0, which means that you won’t have to pay for tuition with your own money. However, you will still have to pay for accommodation, insurance and internet.

  1. How will the stipend be remitted?

The stipend will be remitted at the end of the month. Please refer to below link for “Steps for Scholarship Receiving”: [Scholarship Receiving]

  1. Can I work or do a part-time job if I am awarded a scholarship?

As long as you apply for work permit, you may work legally.

  1. I am about to graduate, and I still want to study at NTU for another degree. Can I automatically continue my scholarship?

No, you cannot. Once you graduate, the scholarship will be terminated.

  1. If I apply for a leave of absence, can I maintain my scholarship status?

No, you cannot. Scholarships are only for students who have active student status. If you are no longer an active student, the scholarship will be terminated.

  1. I am on a Taiwan Scholarship, but my grades do not meet the academic average as stipulated by the scholarship regulations. Will my scholarship be terminated as a result?

Recipients whose academic average for the semester falls below the passing standard set by their universities/colleges will have their scholarships suspended for a month; recipients whose academic average for the semester is below the passing standard for two consecutive semesters will have their scholarship terminated starting from the following semester.

Update: 2020 / 05 / 12