I. Principles on Scholarship Application and Awarding for NTU Outgoing Exchange Students:

  • Students who have been admitted and awarded scholarships from partner universities are no longer eligible for all other scholarships. Once awarded with scholarships from partner universities, all other scholarships are automatically revoked. Scholarships are given in the order of scholarship priority.
  • A student is allowed to apply for multiple scholarships at the same time, but can only be awarded one. Flight ticket assistance grants, however, do not apply to this article.
  • If a student fails to acquire the admission letter/certificate of enrollment or does not enroll within the regulated time, the student's candidacy of the scholarship will be cancelled.

II. Scholarship Priority (not in order of the amount of scholarship):

  • Scholarships from Partner Universities(e.g. JASSO Scholarship, Baden-Württemberg Scholarship)
  • Scholarships for the specific area, country or field (e.g. Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association Scholarship )
  • MOE Outgoing Exchange Student Scholarship/ Financial Assistance Grant
  • Scholarships from NTU or Colleges

III. The actual application process and regulation of the above scholarships are subject to the providing institution.

IV. For the scholarships applied through the OIA, the nomination of candidates will be given according to the student's Screening Process Score Ranking within the original language division.

Update: 2020 / 04 / 27