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The College of Law's Summer Program provides three weeks of intensive and substantial courses about international economic & financial law and practice. It is an excellent opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with theoretical and practical knowledge about international trade laws, economic laws, capital market laws, and financial and FinTech laws as well as related lawyering experience.


Research Highlights NTU College of Law


Combination of law and finance

Our top-notch instructors, along with the high academic quality of our courses, allow you to learn how laws regulate money, banking, investment, and crypto-asset.

Exploring legal practice in Taiwan

We offer a series of field trips to the Judicial Yuan, the highest judicial body in Taiwan, leading law firms, and other law-related institutions in Taipei, which allow students to take a glance of the legal development and practice in Taiwan.



2024 Summer+ Programs

Law and Money (July 4-24, 2024)

Law and Money (3 NTU short-term program credits)

This program consists of four sections: (1) Law, Banking, and FinTech; (2) Law and Investment; (3) Law and Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Finance; and (4) Exploring the Legal Practice in Taiwan. Students will study intensively for 4-6 hours per day to complete these 4 sections throughout the 3-Week program.

*Upon successfully completing the program, participants will receive an academic transcript with 3 NTU short-term program credits. If they wish to have their credits approved, they should consult their home institutions and credit advisors in advance.

Law, Banking, and FinTech

This course will introduce the theories behind banking regulations and apply these theories to understand why banks need regulation and regulatory developments after the Global Financial Crisis. This course will also apply banking theories to understand whether and how to regulate emerging FinTech activities, particularly crypto-asset-related businesses.

Dr. Yueh-Ping (Alex) Yang is currently an Associate Professor at the College of Law, National Taiwan University. Dr. Yang received his S.J.D. degree from Harvard Law School. Dr. Yang's research areas include financial regulation, FinTech, corporate governance, law and economics, and international economic laws.

Law and Investment

This course will focus on laws regulating investment through the lens of international investment treaties and practice development. The course will also cover controversial issues such as investment control, foreign investment protection, and investment dispute settlement, which are highly correlated with geopolitics.

Mr. Mao-Wei Lo is currently a Lecturer in Law at Stanford School. He is currently a J.S.D. candidate at Stanford Law School. Mr. Lo specializes in international economic laws, international trade laws, and international investment laws.

Law and Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Finance

This course will focus on the laws regulating money laundering and terrorist finance, which are crucial issues in the financial industry. Particular concerns will be paid to the role of financial institutions and other designated private entities in crime prevention.

Dr. Chung-Chia (Patrick) Huang is currently an Assistant Professor at the College of Law at National Taiwan University. He received his J.S.D. from the University of Chicago. Dr. Huang specializes in criminal law, white-collar and financial crimes, and money laundering laws.

Exploring the Legal Practice in Taiwan

This program will arrange field visits to acquaint students with the legal practice in Taiwan. Candidates include the Judicial Yuan (the highest judicial body and constitutional court in Taiwan), courts, leading law firms, financial infrastructures (e.g., stock exchange or clearinghouse), and/or financial institutions.




The program fee includes tuition, accommodation, orientation, cultural courses and activities.
*Housing information is to be confirmed.

Refund Policy

The application fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.

The program fee is: 

  • fully refundable if NTU cancels the program.
  • 90% refundable if the student cancels the program before the start of class.
  • 50% refundable if the student cancels the program before finishing 1/3 of the program.
  • not refundable if the student cancels after finishing more than 1/3 of the program.

*Please note our program is a package, including some optional activities. The fee for activities won't be refunded if you choose to be absent from these activities.

*The Application fee for Taiwan Entry Permit (USD 40) will be added to the program fee (applicable to PRC students only) and is non-refundable.

How To Apply



This program is open to the following categories of students:

  1. Students aged 18 or older attending schools abroad with a minimum GPA of 2.7.
  2. Graduate and undergraduate students currently studying at domestic universities and colleges with a minimum GPA of 2.7 (limited to 5 spots).

*Your application will be reviewed once you have uploaded all documents, and you will receive notification of your admission status within 5 business days via the email address you provided during registration.


English Language Requirements

The 'Law and Money' courses are conducted in English. Students whose first language is not English should have at least an intermediate proficiency in the English language (equivalent to TOEIC 600 or above).


Important Notice

NTU College of Law typically takes photographs or records videos during its courses and events for documentation purposes. By applying for this program, you consent to the use of the photos or videos taken for public display or promotional purposes by NTU College of Law. If the photos or videos selected by NTU College of Law include the portraits of participants, no separate notification will be provided.


Application Period

February 20, 2024 – May 20, 2024


Application Steps

Application procedures:
  1. Register and verify your email 
  2. Fill in the online application form
  3. Pay the application fee USD 200 online by credit card
  4. Upload Documents:
    -A headshot photo in jpg format (Required document)       
    -A color copy of your official transcripts in PDF format (Required document) 
    -Student Enrollment Verification (only required for students holding a PRC passport)
    -A 1-page Statement of Purpose written in either Chinese or English in PDF format (Optional document)
    -A Recommendation Letter in either Chinese or English in PDF format (Optional document)
  5. Check the result: Your submitted documents will be reviewed by NTU, and you will receive the acceptance/rejection notice.
  6. Pay the program fee within 5 working days after receiving the acceptance notice. You can choose to pay via bank wire or online credit card payment. Once selected, the payment method cannot be changed.
  7. After NTU confirms your payment status, you will be able to provide admission information. NTU will send you the Admission Letter and Pre-departure guide before the program begins.

* If you pay the program fee by bank wire to Hua Nan Commercial Bank, NTU Branch, please note that you need to consider exchange rate discrepancy and the wire fees charged by your bank and Hua-Nan bank in order to make sure you make the exact amount payment to NTU account. Hua-Nan bank may charge additional USD 20 wire fee.


入臺證辦理須時1~1.5個月,請務必於5/10前完成申請及繳費,並繳清所有入臺證辦理所需文件。在您的入臺證尚未正式批准前,請勿離開您的所在地(或所在第三國)感謝您的配合。 請注意,切勿自行辦理 \\\\\\\\\\\"自由行簽證\\\\\\\\\\\",否則將無法以自由行簽證參與本課程!

Please note that it requires 1 to 1.5 months to apply for the ROC Exit/Entry Permit, students of Mainland China nationality must complete all the documentation before May 10. Please note that if you are currently outside of China, please do not leave the country until your Taiwan Entry Permit has been successfully approved.

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