Office of International Affairs, NTU

Contacts for Respective Colleges

College-level agreements

Thank you for your interest in signing a college-level agreement with NTU’s colleges. The table below shows you who is in charge of international affairs at each college. Please feel free to contact them directly.

Contacts for Respective Colleges

College Title Name Email
College of Liberal Arts Professor Theresa Der Lan Yeh
Coordinator Wendy Hsieh
College of Science Associate Dean Sue-Ching Jou
Coordinator Wen-Chin Huang
Coordinator Shih-chieh Huang
College of Social Sciences Associate Dean Hans Tung
Coordinator Shiau-Ying Hung
College of Medicine Dean Shan-Chwen Chang
Associate Dean and Director Tsai-Kun Li
Administrative Secretary Chen-Chen Ho
Administrative Secretary Ginger Yang
College of Engineering Associate Dean Chung-Che Chou
Coordinator Vanessa Wang
Assistant Manager Hung-Hua Chang
College of Bio-Resources and Agriculture Director Shu-Jen Wang
Section Chief Wei-Chiang Shen
Coordinator Jack Hsu
Coordinator Ning Weng
College of Management Associate Dean Chialin Chen
Associate Director (GMBA Office) Celia YANG
Coordinator Jennifer Chan
Coordinator Linda Lin
College of Public Health Vice Dean Shou-Hsia Cheng
Secretary Cheng-Lan Su
College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Associate Dean Huei Wang
Coordinator (College Office) Gabi Yen
Coordinator (Engineering) Lillian Liang
Coordinator (Computer Science) Erine Pai
College of Law Associate Dean Kuan-Ling Shen
Coordinator Wen-Ling Wu
College of Life Science Director Chau-Ti Ting
Associate Director Wei-Pang Huang
Associate Director Chien-Chih Yang
Assistant Kai-Hsun Liang

Update: 2017 / 11 / 21