Spring+1 Courses

Overall Timetable


2017 NTU Spring+1 Chinese Language & Culture course schedule (*Updated 2016/11/14)

Chinese Course

Course Hours: 45 hours

Exporing Taiwan Course

Course title Exploring Taiwan Course
Class Language English
Class Hours 6 hours

“Exploring Taiwan” courses consist of a mix of in-class lectures and field trips.  The lectures provide in-depth studies on specific social-cultural aspects of Taiwan.  The field trips are a way to supplement students’ learning from class lectures.  Through a series of lectures and field trips, students are expected to gain general knowledge about different environmental, historical or sociocultural facet of Taiwan.

“Exploring Taiwan” courses allow students to understand how Taiwan’s past has shaped its modern state, and the subtle ways Taiwan embraces foreign culture with its local culture.  All courses are conducted in English. 

  • -Traditional Chinese Culture 
  • -Chinese Folkloristics
  • -National Palace Museum

Exploring Taiwan Course Instructor 


吳俊輝 教授Prof. Jiun-Huei Proty Wu


  • PhD, University of Cambridge
  • MSc, Sussex University
  • BSc, National Taiwan University

Work Experience

  • Professor, Department of Physics and Institute of Astrophysics, NTU
  • Joint Research Fellow, Institute of Astronomy & Astrophysics,Academia Sinica (ASIAA)
  • Adjunct Professor, Graduate Institute of Applied Physics, NCCU
  • Project Scientist, AMiBA
  • KDI Fellow, University of California at Berkeley, USA
  • Long Term Space Astronomer, NASA, USA


蔡君彝教授 Prof. Chun-Yi (Joyce) Tsai, Ph.D


  • Ph.D. in Chinese Art History, Columbia University
  • M.A. in East Asian Studies, Harvard University
  • B.A. in Foreign Languages & Literatures, National Taiwan University


  • Jane & Morgan Whitney Research Fellow, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Art Humanities Teaching Fellow, Columbia University
  • Administrator, Department of Drama & Theatre, National Taiwan University

Update: 2016 / 11 / 14