Campus resources and facilities

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We want your stay to be as pleasant as possible. Taking a walking tour is a pleasant way of familiarizing yourself with your surroundings. Our Student Ambassadors have been trained to offer tours of the main campus. Simply fill out the Service Request Form then email it to Ms. Joy Wang at

NTU Libraries

The General Library (GL總圖) is NTU’s main library and serves as a landmark at the end of Royal Palm Boulevard. It houses the largest collection of books, periodicals, and audiovisual materials in Taiwan. Its collection of rare books in Chinese and other languages is rivaled by no other universities. The College of Medicine and the College of Law also have their own libraries. To use the libraries, you will need to present your NTU ID. Most library materials can be borrowed for up to 60 days.

Tel:02 3366 2326

Sports Center 綜合體育館 (新體)

Governed by the Athletic Department, the NTU Sports Center on the main campus consists of a swimming pool, a gymnasium, badminton courts, squash courts, table-tennis courts, etc. There is also a smaller sports center (舊體) nearby providing similar facilities plus an outdoor pool. You can also find a track, a field, basketball grounds, tennis courts and a football pitch in areas around the two sports centers.

Tel:02 3366 5959

NTU Health Center 保健中心

The Health Center on the main campus has doctors from the NTU Hospital and provides health services. It is located on the Royal Palm Boulevard across from the First Student Activity Center near the General Library. You can make appointments online or by telephone. The registration fee with an NTU ID is TWD 50.

Tel:02 3366 2155

Emergency Number:02 3366 9595

Wifi, MyNTU portal, i-NTU – Computer & Information Networking Center (CINC) 計資中心

The Computer and Information Networking Center (CINC) offers web space, e-mail accounts, poster printing and wireless connection services to all NTU faculty and students.]

Transport on campus

On every weekday of the semester (except national holidays), NTU provides free bus shuttle services connecting the main campus with the College of Social Sciences, the College of Medicine and the Academia Sinica. Download the timetable for your convenience.

Eating and drinking on campus

NTU’s main campus offers a very large choice of affordable eateries and restaurants. The Xiao-Fu Commissary and the First Student Activity Center are famous among NTU’s student population; but to avoid the hustle and bustle in the places favored by students, you can also go to the Second Student Activity Center, with many meal options and a relaxed atmosphere. For those who fancy having light snacks by the Drunken Moon Lake, or by the listed pine trees near the Common Subjects Building, several take-away places do offer drinks and nibbles nearby too.

Convenience stores on campus

Convenience stores offer a wide range of services twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week: they sell food, drinks as well as concert, theater and cinema tickets, collect parking fees, traffic violation fines and utility bills, and provide copy, print and fax machines. There are four convenience stores on campus. They can be found at the First and Second Student Activity Centers, Lu-Ming Square, and Core Subjects Building.

Banks on campus

In addition to ten ATMs on campus, there is a branch of Hua Nan Bank located across from the College of Management. A branch of Chunghwa Post is situated across from the Xiao-Fu Commissary, providing not only postal but also banking services.

NTU has two Chinese Language Programs for international students and scholars. They are the Chinese Language Division (CLD) under the Language Center, and the International Chinese Language Program (ICLP).

CLD and ICLP are independent institutions unaffiliated with the OIA. If you have any questions regarding Chinese learning programs, please contact CLD or ICLP directly for your queries.

Chinese Language Division (CLD) 語文中心中國語文組

CLD runs on a quarter system. Except for the 10-week winter quarter, all other quarters last for 12 weeks. A standard program consists of 12 hour-long sessions per week. You may need to take the placement test if you have learned Chinese before.

Web site
Tel:02 3366 3417
Fax:02 8369 5042

International Chinese Language Program (ICLP) 國際華語研習所

ICLP provides individual or group classes. The program is designed for graduate students and individuals whose careers may require extensive use of Chinese.

Web site
Tel:02 2363 9123
Fax:02 2362 6926

Activities on campus

For information on symposia, talks and other activities, please check the NTU Calendar.

The NTU bulletin board also has information about upcoming activities.

Check out what's new at NTU news and OIA news.

March – The Azalea Festival(杜鵑花節)

The Azalea is the official university flower of NTU. NTU is also known as the Azalea Garden, and in March, the blooming season, a series of activities is planned to celebrate the beauty of the flower. The highlight of the festival is the Department and Graduate School Fair, which attracts not only high school students but also everyone in the neighborhood to participate and learn more about NTU’s campus.

May – NTU Arts Festival(臺大藝術季)

The NTU Arts Festival takes place in May with a different theme each year. Festival features include an opening ceremony, performances, exhibitions, activities and special shows. The purpose of the NTU Arts Festival is to encourage creativity and nurture art spirits for the NTU community and for the greater public.

September – The Welcoming Concert(迎新音樂會)

Held in the Sports Center, the Welcoming Concert marks the start of the new semester and welcomes new students to NTU. The concert features performances by both NTU students and artists active in the Taiwanese music scene.

November – The University Anniversary(校慶)

The 15th of November is NTU’s anniversary. The anniversary features a ceremony and live performances arranged by NTU students. There will also be a fair on the Royal Palm Boulevard, where exhibitions and music performances are held.

December – The Drunken Moon Lake Concert (醉月湖音樂會)

Held outdoors by the Drunken Moon Lake in December, the Drunken Moon Lake Concert is one of NTU’s greatest traditions. Students gather to showcase their talent, performing on stage. Music, dance and magic are frequent highlights of this event.

Year-round – NTU Center for the Arts (藝文中心)

NTU Center for the Arts hosts exhibitions, performances or regular talks on performance as well as visual arts. You can find a list of scheduled activities and talks on their website.

Year-round – The NTU Newsletter (臺大校訊)

The NTU Newsletter is published every two months with updated information about NTU’s events and activities. Published by the Secretariat of NTU, the NTU Newsletter can be read online, or you can ask for a hardcopy of the newsletter at the OIA.

Last update : 2022 / 03 / 31