The Office of International Affairs (OIA) is responsible for developing National Taiwan University's (NTU) strategy for comprehensive internationalization. OIA plays a vital role in NTU's pursuit of excellence by cultivating international partnerships and creating global opportunities in the interests of students, faculty, and staff. We strive to offer accessible options for international students of all backgrounds to study at NTU, increase global engagement, and foster a campus environment of diversity and inclusion.



NTU maintains formal academic partnerships with more than 600 institutions in 67 countries. We seek not only to deepen those relationships but also to cultivate new ones continually. 

OIA provides our students, faculty, and staff with optimal international mobility, facilitating extensive exchange, research, and study-abroad opportunities. 

Diversity and Inclusion
We strive to build a diverse community of international students, enhancing aid to underrepresented and marginalized students and promoting policies and practices that mitigate structural inequalities.


Cooperating with offices and departments across NTU, OIA aims to increase multilingual and multicultural spaces on campus, facilitate cross-cultural exchange between local and international communities, and enhance student support services.



  • General Affairs: Responsible for the management of general administrative affairs.
  • Projects: Responsible for researching and analyzing trends and developments in international higher education.

Global Engagement Division

  • Global Partnerships: Responsible for partnership negotiation with overseas universities and academic institutions, promotion of relationships with partner universities, coordination for international faculty award programs, liaison for international organizations, and international events management.
  • Global Relations: Responsibilities include the International Mentorship Program, Overseas Internship Program, iNGO Academy, International Talent+, Master Talk, Brand Communication and Media.

Global Students Division

  • Global Recruitment: In charge of overseas students (including International Students, Overseas Chinese Students, Students from Mainland China, and Students from Hong Kong and Macao) recruitment strategies and education fairs, overseas/domestic recruitment events, as well as the reception of overseas high school visits.
  • Global Admission: In charge of the admission process for all international students, including admission administration, procedure improvement, and system maintenance.
  • International Student and Scholar Services: Responsible for serving international students (including degree students, dual-degree students, university-level exchange students, visiting students, and research visiting students) as well as international scholars (including international full-time faculty, chair scholars, visiting scholars, and fellow/exchange scholars), assisting them in smoothly adapting to campus life. International student services encompass non-degree student admissions, scholarships, work permits/insurance, emergency assistance, event coordination, and information forwarding. International scholar services provide an exclusive global scholar website for relevant information and support.
  • NTU Study Abroad: Connect students with a diverse range of study abroad opportunities to enrich their academic journey, including exchange, visiting, summer/short-term courses, dual-degree programmes, research internships, and more. Through the NTU Study Abroad Expo, which features immersive booths and various information sessions, students and staff have the opportunity to explore our partner universities and develop a global perspective.
  • Plus Academy: NTU Plus Academy offers various topic-based short-term programs for international students. In addition to courses, students experience local customs and rich natural ecology and gain further insights into traditional and modern society through cultural activities and excursions. 
  • NTU-YLL Project Management Office: NTU-YLL Project offer design thinking workshops and facilitates the connection of students with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), non-profit organizations (NPOs), and other entities focusing on social issues for internship. We also select outstanding participants to provide overseas training and project execution subsidies.


The Concept
In the center of our logo is National Taiwan University's representative Fu Bell, surrounded by the palm trees that line the main campus road, with the university library behind. The bell is a reminder of personal discipline and unending enlightenment. The palm trees symbolize continuous growth, exceptional vision, and unwavering willpower. The earthen shape of the logo represents internationalism, while the university's logo inspires color and content. This means not only NTU and the diverse, inclusive, and friendly environment for which OIA strives.


Last update : 2024 / 01 / 05