Subsidy for EMI Courses


Directives for the Implementation of Subsidies for Teaching in English


Types of Subsidized EMI Courses (To apply click here)

1. Foundation and Liberal Education Courses

Foundation Courses: Service-oriented foundational courses (such as calculus, general biology, general physics, general pyschology, sociology, microeconomics, macroeconomics,etc.)

Liberal Education Courses: General liberal education courses approved by the Center for General Education. 

2. Module Courses

To qualify as a module, integrate at least three graduate-level (or degree program) related courses, taught by two or more teachers, exploring a specific topic or field. The courses within the module then apply for the subsidy together.   

3. Specialization Program Courses

Courses within a Specialization Program approved by Office of Academic Affairs. (Specialization Program FAQs)

4. Required Courses

Required courses within departments and institutes (not including common required courses and liberal education courses).


Sources of Funding

The Program for Bilingual Eduation for Students in College (BEST)


Subsidy Amounts

1. New Course (EMI courses applying for this subsidy for the first time): NTD 50,000 Course Subsidy and up to an additional NTD 20,000 Teaching Materials Subsidy (distributed through reimbursement).

2. Continuing Course: NTD 30,000 Course Subsidy

3. If the actual student enrollment in the course exceeds 80 students, the Course Subsidy will be

    increased by 50%.

Note: Starting in the 2022/2023 academic year, the maximum subsidy one faculty member can receive per semester is NTD 80,000 in total, including the course subsidy and teaching materials subsidy. 

4. Starting in the 2023 Spring semester, successful applicants of the Subsidy will first receive one half of the monetary support. Upon participation in the CBE’s validated activities held from February to June 2023, the applicants will receive the remaining half of the monetary support. (Last update: 2022/12/30)


Types of validated activities: 

a. In-person activity: You may choose to participate in sharing sessions, workshops, etc., validated by the Faculty Division of CBE. When you attend in-person activities, you must sign-in and sign-out. 

b. Online activity: You may also choose to watch a series of video-lectures regarding EMI on NTU COOL and complete the survey at the end. Only one online activity will count towards the requirement to complete two validated activities. 

Should you have any questions, please contact Michelle Peng at the CBE (02)3366-7970 #211


The CBE will send a monthly list of activities with sign-up links to all applicants.

For more info, please visit:


Additional Subsidy

Specialization Programs: An additional subsidy of NTD 100,000 may be granted to the relevant department if all the courses with an approved Specialization Program convert to EMI. There is no time limit to receive this subsidy, and the department must fill out the relevant form and pass the review. 


Application Timeline (Based on the actual announcement)

1.Fall Semester Courses

(1)Application Period: the middle of June through the end of July

(2)Results: Announced by the middle of October

2.Spring Semester Courses

(1)Application period: the end of November through the end of December

(2)Results: Announced by early February (the following year)


Table Overview of Subsidies for EMI Courses


Principles of Review 

1.Course Credits: If the course does not offer at least 2 credits, the subsidy amount will be 50% of        the above amounts.                                                                                                                                  2.The actual student enrollment must meet the below criteria to qualify for the subsidy:(1)Undergraduate-level course: at least 20 enrolled students in principle.

(2)Upper Level Course (courses with a "U" in their course ID code): at least 15 enrolled students in         principle.

(3)Master-level course: at least 10 enrolled students in principle.

(4)Doctorate-level course: at least 5 enrolled students in principle.

3.Except for new English taught courses, previous student enrollment, course evaluations from the      previous three times course evaluations will be taken into consideration. Courses with well                  evaluation scores and an evaluation response rate greater than 25% will be given priority to                receive the subsidy.

4.Starting from the 2022/23 Academic Year, departments/graduate institutes/degree Programs            who have received other subsidies that promote EMI courses  (such as the Master of Public              Health Program, BA in Civil Engineering, International College programs, and the Graduate School      of Advanced Technology)may not apply for the Subsidies, unless approved by the Office of                  International Affairs. 

Application for English Medium Instruction Teaching Assistant (EMI TA) Subsidy

1.When applying for this subsidy for undergraduate and upper level courses, you can

    apply for the EMI TA Subsidy at the same time.

2.For General Courses, please apply through the Center for General Education. For Foundation                Courses, please apply through the Office of Academic Affairs, and for other courses please apply      through the Office of International Affairs.  

Application for Postdoctoral Fellow as Course Lecturer Subsidy 

If you need a postdoctoral fellow to assist you in lecturing, you can apply for a subdidy for them when you apply for the EMI Subsidy. 


Contact Information

Ms. Eros Wu, 02 3366 2007 #396, 

Ms. Diane Chen, 02 3366 2007 #398, 

Last update : 2023 / 03 / 10