Subsidy for Hosting International Conferences at NTU


This subsidy aims to encourage departments and research centers to host international conferences and hence stipulates international interactions and impact.

Complied with the regulation of international conferences of Ministry of Education, participants should come from at least three countries (including the host but not including Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau), and foreign speakers should consist at least one fourth of the speakers.

Subsidy Information

 Conference Type: 

  • International networks meetings: Authorized by international networks (AEARU, APRU, ASAIHL, SATU and UMAP)
  • Other international conferences: Other conferences except aforementioned international meetings

Subsidy Guidelines

  • International networks meetings: matching fund is not required and OIA can subsidize up to NTD 300,000 .
  • Other international conferences: if self-raising fund is not sufficient to afford the meeting cost, OIA can support up to NTD  200,000 as matching fund.
  • Please note that each department or research centers can apply for subsidy fpr similar conferences once every academic year.

Screening Criteria

Following are some of the criteria that may take into consider while reviewing the application, please indicate them while submitting the application:

  • Expected numbers of participants
  • Number of foreign scholars
  • Reputation of Keynote Speaker
  • Presentation ratio of NTU scholars
  • Precedents of host in the past three years
  • Matching fund from college 

Application information

  • Application date: please submit the application to OIA two months prior to the meeting
  • Application document: please complete the applcation (Word/ODF) and send the soft copy via email to After the hard copy was stamped, please send the document to OIA after signed by related offices.
  • Application result: we will inform your application result through email. Please finish the reimbursement within one month after the meeting and submit a report (Word/ODF) to OIA.

Contact Information

Office of International Affairs, Global Engagement
Chiungfen Chen (Ms.)
02-33662007 #214


Last update : 2023 / 05 / 12