Chinese Language Learning Supportive Program


This Chinese Language Learning Supportive Program, launched by National Taiwan University (NTU), provides subsidy for international faculty to learn Chinese language and have the opportunity to increase their understanding of Taiwanese culture and society.



NTU Full-time Faculty with foreign passport (including dual nationality status).

*Full-time faculty includes: 教授Professor, 副教授Associate Professor, 助理教授Assistant Professor, 講師Instructor, not including Adjunct/ Chair/ Visiting/ Clinical/ Project/ Distinguished faculty.


Chinese Language Learning Supportive Program Subsidy

Each applicant may be eligible to receive maximum subsidy up to TWD 30,000 (TWD15,000 per semester).

Non-consecutive period is acceptable.

⇒ Subsidy payment will be based on the actual tuition cost (up to TWD 15,000/semester).


Relevant Procedures for Applicants

1.   Complete and submit Chinese Language Learning Supportive Program Subsidy Claim Form and original tuition receipts before the deadline (Fall Semester: Dec. 15; Spring Semester: May 30).

2.   OIA will notify the applicant of the result/progress within 30 working days after the receipt of the Claim Form.

3.   Subsidy payment will be reimbursed directly to the qualified applicant’s bank account.


Terms and Conditions

1.   Applicants must study at registered Chinese language institutes approved by R.O.C. Ministry of Education (MOE), such as university-affiliated Chinese Language Centers/ In-service and Continuing Education Divisions.

2.   Claim form and receipts should be submitted within the current semester start and end date.
NTU Tax ID Number (
統一編號): 03734301 must be indicated on the tuition receipt.

3.   It will take up to one month to process and review the application.



Betty Chen (Ms.)

Manager, Global Student Affairs

Office of International Affairs, NTU


Tel: 02-33662007 # 235




University-affiliated Chinese Language Centers

國際及兩岸教育司Department of International and Cross-strait Education, MOE --> 華語教育 --> 核准境外招生華語文研習機構

In-service and Continuing Education Divisions

大專校院推廣教育課程資訊入口網 --> 相關連結

Last update : 2021 / 03 / 09