Group Insurance, Mentor System, Leave of Absence Request, Scholarships and Grants

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2021 Fall Semester

Student Group Insurance, Mentor System, Student Leave of Absence Request, Scholarships and Grants


NTU provides student group insurance, mentor system, student leave of absence request etc.

1.     Student Group Insurance: Students can take part in the student group insurance during leave of absence. The insurance fund includes mental health clinic visits reimbursement for a maximum of NT$1,450 per month, regardless of how many clinic visits.

2.    Mentor SystemThe Registration of Personal Information System ( provides information, including advisor, class schedule, grades, etc. Students may turn to advisor when encountering problems on studies or daily life.

3.    Student Leave of Absence Request: If the student asked for personal leaves due to important private event, they should request the leave from the teacher, either submitting the request on Student Leave of Absence on-line application website or printing out a hard copy of the request. As for final exams, students must submit a hard copy of the request. If the student failed to abide the rules of applying leaves or skipped classes without official approval, they shall be marked as absent. 

4.    Scholarships and Grants: Information about Scholarships for Current Students can be found here