NTU COVID-19 Prevention Message - Updated on June 7

Publish Date:2021-05-18 00:00:00

NTU COVID-19 Prevention Message


Due to the COVID-19 outburst, all classes have conducted remotely from May 15 till end of this semester. Students should refrain from entering the University and avoid go out unless absolutely necessary. Here are some important notes for your study/stay in NTU.


If you plan to go back to your home country, please submit the Travel Abroad Declaration and Application Form to us by email. Below is the instruction for your application:

1.     Email Title: Travel Abroad Declaration & Application_Student ID_Full Name

2.     Attachments: Complete Application, Department Chairman and Department Office confirmation emails (their email confirmation can be a valid approval to OIA).

3.     Email to: intstudent@ntu.edu.tw

Course, Online Application, Graduate students’ thesis/dissertation defense (more details)

1.     All courses have switched online, please contact and course professor or department offices if you need further assistance.

2.     Application forms (Course Withdrawal, Leave of Absence, etc. are included) are all online with flexible application procedures.

3.     Graduate students can take their master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation defense through the video conference. The whole process should be recorded and kept on file.

Student Housing Service Division (Latest Update) 0521 

Students who remain in dormitories are required to follow the dormitory pandemic precautions and cooperate with real-name system when entering the dorm, take your temperature, wear masks at all times in public areas, and reduce unnecessary gatherings. If you do not feel well, required to doSelf-Health Management”, “Home Quarantine” or need off-campus accommodation for “Self-Health Management”, please visit the NTU Student Housing Service Division for more information.


Student Counseling Center (Latest Update) 0521 

Starting May 24, Student Counseling Center will implement the University’s work-from-home policy. This decision was made not only to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus among the staff, but also to ensure the long-term service quality for the students. All the first sessions and individual counseling services will be conducted via phone calls instead of face-to-face. If you need our counseling services, please do not hesitate to contact us through the following email ntuscc1@ntu.edu.tw or call during the Office Hours:08:30~17:30 Monday to Friday via Tel:(02)3366-2181 or (02)3366-2182



Library (Latest Update)

1.      Opening Hours reschedules from 08:00-17:00, Monday to Friday. 

2.     Loan Period for books extends to 90 days, renewal is allowed.

3.     Further information will be updated according to the Covid-19 situation.


Entrance 0521 

Main Campus will establish a 24-hour entry restriction starting from May 21, 7:30 a.m.

Only three entries remain open on Main Campus, namely the Main Gate, Xinhai Rd. Entrance, and Chang-Hsing Rd. Entrance. There will be a checkpoint operating 24 hours on each entrance where staff regulate people going in and out. Only people holding valid identification will be allowed to enter the campus. If you’re not coming to the Main Campus for work or class should refrain from visiting the campus. Entrance Map on Main Campus during the pandemic please visit https://ga.ntu.edu.tw/upload/cont_att/33d3b75a-47a8-4e53-bb12-c69df2510439.jpg


Social Distance App (more details)

Taiwan Social Distancing App will alert you if you are near or contact people who have been tested positive for Covid-19. We strongly encourage you to download this app to ensure your own and community’s health. As for safety concerns, Taiwan Social Distancing is anonymous and no user data will be collected.

Bike 0526

In June, the Tow-Away Zone at Freshman Women Dorm will be paused; starting May 20, used bike auctions at Shuiyuan Campus are temporarily closed; bikes that were towed to Shuiyuan Campus during March and April will be kept until September, 2021. Further changes will be updated according to University’s covid policy.


Graduation Ceremony 0526

In-person Graduation Ceremony on June 5 is moved online, in the form of pre-recorded videos which will be released on the internet on June 26. Further information about Graduation Ceremony videos will be announced on University's homepage and the site of the Student Activity Center Administration Division.


Reservation Required for Cap and Gown Rental 0607

NTU Main Campus and NTU Downtown Campus has different way for Cap and Gown Rental. Group Rental is 3~9 suits per application for Bachelors and Masters while Individual Rental only works for Doctoral graduates. For Bachelors and Masters rental reservation, please visit Property Management Division website and complete your registration. If you are from NTU Downtown Campus, (College of Medicine, College of Public Health, School of Dentistry, and School of Pharmacy), please contact Ms. Wang Yingyi (yingwang@ntu.edu.tw) at the Branch Office of General Affairs, College of Medicine at +886-2-2312-3456 ext:88091 for your reservation.
For further details and questions, please visit Property Management Division, Office of General Affairs or contact,

NTU Main CampusMr. Chen Chihao from the General Affairs Office at 02-3366-5073
NTU Downtown Campus
Ms. Wang Yingyi from the Branch Office of General Affairs at 02-2312-3456 ext:88091


Follow the facebook page of National Taiwan University to get latest notice on University’s policy : https://www.facebook.com/iloventu/ If there’s any updates, NTU will inform you through your NTU mail. Thank you for your cooperation and Stay Safe!


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