Degree Student_Guide to Arrange Your Travel to NTU for 2021 Fall Semester

Publish Date:2021-09-02 00:00:00
Degree Student_Guide to Arrange Your Travel to NTU for 2021 Fall Semester


Taiwan Ministry of Education (MoE) has announced this week that international degree-seeking students can now enter Taiwan with prior approval. Thus, we are more than happy to welcoming you to Taiwan for the upcoming Fall 2021 semester. To better facilitate your travel to Taiwan, please read the step by step guide carefully:

Step 1: Apply for your visa

Starting from September 1, you may contact Taiwan Representative Office at your location and apply for visa. Please note that each Representative Office may have different policy regarding visa application procedure. You should follow their requirements and obtain your visa.

Please provide the Official Document Number, Issue Date, Student List Number, Student List Number Date to the representative offices regarding your eligibility to apply for student visa.

Step 2: Book your flight

After you receive your visa, you may start to look for your flight ticket to Taiwan. Please arrange your flight to Taiwan in one of the following dates (UTC+8, Taipei):

1.     Phase one: September 28-30

2.     Phase two: October 5-7

3.     Phase three: October 13-15

If you cannot arrive on the dates above, please contact us in advance.

Step 3: Decide your quarantine accommodation

According to Taiwan CECC policy, all international travelers are required to do a 14-day quarantine (counted from the next day after your arrival, e.g. if you arrive on September 28, September 29 will be counted as Day 1 of your quarantine) followed by a 7-day Self-Health Management period. You will need to cover the cost at your own expense. You cannot arrange quarantine accommodation by yourself and must complete your quarantine in one of the following options:

1.     Government group quarantine facilities: The total cost will be TWD 21,000. You will need to pay to NTU after you finish your quarantine. Please note that due to limited capacity, group quarantine facilities may not always be available, and you are not able to choose the location of your group quarantine facility. Depending on the quarantine facility you are assigned to, there may be limited access to wireless internet. You will need to pay for the travel expense from airport to group quarantine facility; depending on the location, it may cost up to TWD 3,500. You are also not allowed to order delivery service during your quarantine in group quarantine facility.

2.     Quarantine Hotel: The total cost will be TWD 37,500. You will need to pay before you arrive Taiwan and will need to prepare an additional TWD 1,000 for travel expense from the airport to quarantine hotel.

If you are from high-risked areas (India, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Peru, Israel, Myanmar, Indonesia and Bangladesh) or will travel to above-mentioned areas within 14 days prior to your arrival, you are required to do quarantine in government group quarantine facilities. Your quarantine accommodation cost will be covered by Taiwan government.

When you decide your preference for quarantine, please indicate your preference in the survey mentioned in Step 4. If you choose government group quarantine facilities, we will then arrange for you; if you choose to stay in quarantine hotel, we will have our travel agent to contact you within 3-5 working days after you submit your survey.


Step 4: Submit your Special Entry Permit application to OIA

After you complete Step 1-3, please provide your travel arrangements to us via relevant survey.

You should submit your travel arrangements to us at least 10 working days prior to your planned arrival date. For example, if you plan to arrive Taiwan on September 28, you should submit your travel no later than September 13.

Once we receive and confirm your travel arrangements, we will apply for Special Entry Permit to MoE for you. We will notify you as soon as we receive approval from MoE along with other important information for you.

Step 5: Arrange your travel to Taiwan

While waiting for your Special Entry Permit, you may start to pack and make sure you have all necessary documents for entering Taiwan:

1.     A valid passport and visa

2.     Negative nucleic acid test report within 3 days prior to boarding: You will need to present a COVID-19 nucleic acid test (such as PCR, RT-PCR, NAA, NAT, or others) result report issued within three days prior to boarding the flight to Taiwan

3.     Special Entry Permit: we will email it to you as soon as we receive it from MoE. Please print it out and take it with you

In addition to the documents above, you may also need to prepare some cash with you for your local transportation expense to and from your quarantine accommodation and the cost for pre-paid SIM card, which is essential during your quarantine. We will also suggest you to get vaccinated before departing as the vaccines are limited in Taiwan.

Once you complete Step 1-5, you are ready to come to Taiwan. We will provide you more detail information regarding your arrival, quarantine and Self-Health Management before your departure.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us anytime. We look forward to meeting you on NTU campus soon!


Office of International Affairs

National Taiwan University