EUTW Internship Program for foreign students in Taiwan is now open

Publish Date:2022-02-09 12:58:00

EUTW Internship Program for foreign students in Taiwan is now open

Unpaid internships, with 3-6 months duration, at least two half-days office hours at Centre. EUTW-ECCT LCI Dual Internship, Senior High school presentation, Dialogue with EU club, Facebook updates, and supporting EUTW events will be the main assignment.

The application deadline is 20 February 2022 (first come first serve). A short CV must be submitted on or before the application deadline to Please note that it is an Unpaid internship and EUTW will not help to apply Work permit/ARC.

Welcome to join us in 2022!


Here is the overview for our internship programme.

During his/her occupation at the European Center, the intern will take responsibility for

a variety of tasks. The intern will be entrusted with several projects, some spanned over

the full course of his stay and others of a more daily nature.

Interview Project

The project centers on the idea of interviewing the key figure of European presence in

Taiwan. The intern should commence research of current events in the European Union

and Taiwan as well as the region of Asia in order to come up with questions for a country

representative. After the interview was conducted, it will be transcribed and

summarized into an article fit for publication in the internet. All steps will be

commenced in close cooperation with the superior.


  • develop a questionnaire based on analysis of current political events
  • conduct the interview
  • transcribe the interview
  • analyze the interview and write a summary in the form of an article less than 2000 words

Present your Country to a local senior high school

The intern has to develop a Power Point presentation aiming at introducing his/her

country of origin as well as the concept of the European Union to a small audience. The

audience will consist of senior high school students. Therefore the intern has to choose

an appropriate visual as well as speaking style of presentation.


  • Develop a Power Point presentation fitting for a younger audience
  • hold the presentation in the office, receive feedback and implement changes
  • present your country and the EU at a school

Joint Internship Programme with European Chamber of Commerce

During the internship, the intern will have the opportunity to also work at Low Carbon

Initiative Action of European Chamber of Commerce.

Regular Tasks

Besides the above mentioned projects, the intern will also have to take part in daily

activities of the center. Some of them are as follows:

  • Improving the introductory Power Point Presentation of your mother tongue
  • Helping the administrative apparatus
  • Managing the social media presence of EUTW
  • introducing yourself on the Facebook account of EUTW
  • regular posting of relevant articles in Facebook as well as Twitter
  • reply to questions on Twitter and Facebook in an adequate manner

The intern is welcome to make his/her own suggestions for possible future projects

during his/her occupation.


Participation of European or EU related events