Education Specialist(Indonesia)

Publish Date:2023-09-11 00:00:00

Education Specialist (Indonesia)

 1. Job Description

* Manage One-Forty’s Indonesian migrant workers community, including social media platform and content management.

* Participate in the One-Forty School program as a instructor for One-Forty's Indonesian migrant workers courses.

* Responsible for our team's communication with Indonesian migrant workers and bilingual translation in Chinese and Bahasa Indonesia.

2. Requirements

    * Fluent in Chinese and Bahasa Indonesia.

    * Good at social media planning and not afraid of being in front of the camera.

* Enjoy working with migrant workers and have the ability to interact with migrant workers on stage.

    * Acceptable to work on average once a month during holidays.

* Believe in the high professionalism of NGO workers and be used to the flexibility and fast pace of new organizations.

3. Salary

* Monthly salary starting from TWD$40,000, adjusted according to professional ability and experience.

4. How to Apply

    * Fill out the application form below and let us get to know you.

* (Important) Read the 10 articles of One-Forty Methodology to understand more about the team orientation and the way of doing things:

* Send your resume and other references that demonstrate your abilities and experience to with the subject line: One-Forty 印尼移工培力專員_姓名】.

    * Application form:

    * Our website :

5. Contact

    * Name: Ariel You

    * Telephone: 02-2585-2140

    * Email: