International Scholars

International Scholars

Types of Programs

1. Visiting Scholars Program
Applicants who wish to join NTU Visiting Scholar program should not be students at any acadmic institution, and the purpose of visiting NTU should include academic instruction or academic research. To become one visiting scholar at NTU, you also need an official invitation letter issued by a host department/ institution at NTU. 

2. Faculty Exchange Program

3.  Taiwan Fellowship Program
Fellowship established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of R.O.C. in 2010, the Taiwan Fellowship encourages experts and scholars to conduct research in Taiwanese Universities or academic institutions in related with social science and art and humanities disciplines :Taiwan Studies, Cross-Strait Affairs, Mainland China Studies, Asia-Pacific Studies,  Chinese Studies and et cetera. Please visit their website for application.   

How to apply for a visiting scholar?

Firstly please glance the acadmic institution list at NTU, once you have targeted related fileds of studies, you might contact the college, the department, or individual professor. 

Details of NTU Visiting Scholar Programs

For college/ department/ institute level contacts, please check the working process and division via  校內單位接待須知.


Main contacts at NTU

The College/ Department/ Institute faculty or staffs will be your major contacts at NTU. OIA will provide services regarding NTU ID card making, Student Ambassador services and those identified in the benefits of visiting shcolar program.


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