1. Second Mentor Project

The Second Mentor Project is a project created by the Office of International Affairs with the help and support of the NTU faculty members. We aim to assist overseas degree students (including international /overseas Chinese/Mainland Chinese students ) during the process of adaptation to their life at NTU and in Taiwan. 

Second Mentor

Your Second Mentor will be the one who will help you simplify some obstacles in the process of settling in. It can be someone who shares your language and culture, someone with common interests and hobbies, or just someone who already knows the struggles of being "international" at NTU. We hope you can find a friend among our faculty members. Someone you can reach to when having a hard day, needing a piece of advice, or just feeling like sharing some great news. 


By joining the project you will be able to:

  1. Meet other international students from different departments. 
  2. Learn about unwritten rules of everyday life at NTU and in Taiwan from experienced faculty members. 
  3. Gain support for academic pursuits and personal development. 


All interested current overseas degree students (iincluding internatinoal /overseas Chinese/Mainland Chinese students ) are welcome to join the project. However, please note that it is on a first come first served basis. If you are not able to allocate for this semester, you will have the priority for the next semester.

Mentor Sign Up
If you are willing to join the project as a second mentor,  please fill out the survey to sign up.

Mentee Application

If you are interested please fill in the online survey. We will match you with the second mentor regularly. The Second Mentor Project will serve as an extra support to the current mentor system.

2022/2023 AY first-round match result: Nov 4, 2022

2022/2023 AY second-round match result: Apr 9, 2023

2023/2024 AY first-round match result: TBA


If you have any questions about the project, feel free to contact the project coordinator.

Ms. Whyin CHEN
Office of International Affairs, NTU

2. Taiwan Hostfamily Program

In order to allow international students to immerse themselves more deeply in Taiwanese life and understand Taiwanese culture, the International Affairs Office organizes regular Host Family experience activities each year. Families and students who are interested in participating can get to know each other through the matchmaking process during these events.

For those interested in joining a nationwide host family program, there is an opportunity to further participate in the Ministry of Education's "Light a Match Meet a Family Program" (referred to as the LMMF Program).

Light a Match Meet a Family - LMMF Host Family Program provides a channel for families, international students, and education institutes to explore different cultures in Taiwan. It is a rewarding experience. Through the network of host family across Taiwan, families and students are encouraged to apply for hosting events, making the interaction a unique experience for international students and bringing diverse global perspectives to families.

The features of LMMF Host Family Program include:

1.Enthusiastic and voluntary families committed to culture exchange are welcomed. Staff, faculty members and alumni of higher education institutes are encouraged to participate.

2.Host family applicants are screened and interviewed by the Office before they are qualified.

3.Qualified families are required to undertake annual compulsory enhancement courses to ensure the provision of a friendly and respectable environment and experience.   

4.A nationwide network of host family, where there is an education institute, there is a host family, established to provide more opportunities for matchmaking.

5.Flexibility for organizing events across regions.

6.A newly established "Matchbox" (the host family system) to post events, and make matches between host families, students, and education institutes.

7.Collecting feedback on each hosting experience to enhance friendly and safe practice. 

8.Providing event records and an inquiry hotline.

For more details, please refer to the "LMMF Program"

Last update : 2023 / 11 / 13