Taiwan is an excellent country to study the Chinese language — both spoken and written. Not only is Mandarin Chinese the official language, Taiwan also uses traditional characters. This gives students access to many classical works of literature and poetry, and it forms a perfect basis to study the simplified characters that are derived from it. This means studying Chinese in Taiwan equips students with the most versatile set of linguistic tools to engage with the Chinese-speaking world. Furthermore, Taiwan is also home to a variety of Chinese topolects such as Taiwanese and Hakka, attesting to the island's cultural diversity.

Those students coming to Taiwan will find NTU is the place to study Chinese. NTU has a reputation for effective language teaching and considerable expertise in offering well-tailored, interactive, empowering classes to diverse students. Every year many international students with different levels of proficiency and motivations for studying Chinese come to NTU to make use of its rich language learning resources. Courses are offered to NTU degree and non-degree students, and students not enrolled in any NTU programs.

For NTU students

These are Chinese language courses for international students undertaking degree programs (undergraduate and graduate degree programs) and non-degree programs (exchange and visiting student programs). These courses are offered free of charge and can be taken for credits. Learn more about the options for Chinese language learning for NTU students here.

For non-NTU students

NTU provides several specialized language programs for international students not enrolled in degree or non-degree programs at NTU. Those students wishing to fully focus on studying language in Taiwan can apply to these programs. Learn more about the options for Chinese language learning for non-NTU students here.

Last update : 2021 / 01 / 28