Program Overview


While NTU has many partner universities, there are other universities appealing to students that do not have an agreement with NTU; or, the agreement quota of some of our partner universities is simply not enough to meet the demand. In light of this situation, the Visiting Student Program is introduced.

The Visiting Program is a fee-paying program that requires students to apply either through the Exchange Student Internal Screening Process or directly to the university. Students will study at the desired universities for one semester or one academic year as a short-term/non-degree-seeking student. The right and obligation of a visiting student is, in most ways, the same as an exchange student except for the tuition fee. Visiting students will have to pay the tuition fee of both NTU and host university.

Other than our partner universities, there are students who have successfully applied to top-notch universities like Harvard University and Stanford University through the Visiting Student Program, providing students with more options.


1. Participating in theExchange Student Internal Screening Process

Applicable to: all currently enrolled NTU students participating in the Exchange Student Internal Screening Process
Application Process: Add the universities that provide visiting student programs to the wish list of Exchange Student Internal Screening Process and submit it.
Note: For both exchange and visiting program: upon being nominated through the Exchange Student Internal Screening Process, students are eligible to apply for scholarships provided by NTU.

2. Applying to the visiting university

Applicable to: all currently enrolled NTU students qualified under the regulation of a visiting university
Application Process: Students can reach out to the foreign university on their own and apply for the respective visiting program within the application period. After receiving the admission letter, please submit the letter to the OIA and we will assist with the administrative process.

Comparison between Visiting Student and Exchange Student



Internal Screening Process


Application Time



Degree Obtain

Credit Obtain

Exchange Student Program

Signed Exchange Student Agreement required


Fixed quota

Once a year

Eligible for scholarship application

Tuition in partner university is waived, but have to pay the Tuition and Miscellaneous fee of NTU 

No degree conferral

Credits acquired in host university can be transferred back to NTU

Visiting Student Program

Not limited to partner universities

Not compulsory

No limitation on quota

Anytime, depends on selected program

Not eligible for scholarship application (except if applying through Exchange Student Internal Screening Process)

Tuition in partner university is not waived, and will have to pay one quarter of the Tuition and Miscellaneous fee of NTU

 Attention: Fees for each program are charged according to Guidelines for NTU Students Studying Abroad (in Chinese only).

Last update : 2020 / 12 / 28