Program Overview


The Exchange Student Program is established on an equal and mutual-beneficial principle. Signed agreements with our partner universities provide both outgoing and incoming short-term/non-degree-seeking learning opportunities. Students can study and be immersed as a formal student at one of our partner universities for one semester or one academic year. The credits acquired are mutually acknowledged, demonstrating a real exchange between students from both universities.

Those who wish to participate in the University-wide Exchange Student Programs must go through the Exchange Student Internal Screening Process to be nominated by NTU. Then, students must submit application materials to partner universities for further screening.

There are other exchange programs hosted in the college/department-level, and the screening process of which runs separately. For more information please contact the respective college/department office directly.

Application Requirements

1. Currently enrolled NTU students: Bachelor students should be sophomores or above; No year requirement for graduate students.

2. GPA: Bachelor students should have achieved a GPA of 2.44 or above/ or have ranked top 40% in their class in the previous academic year; No GPA requirement for graduate students.

3. Proof of language proficiency: Students should meet the language requirements regulated in the guidelines. All partner universities may have their own additional requirement.


Last update : 2021 / 09 / 06