Registration & Qualification


Online registration period    : April 18, 2022 until May 30, 2022

Online registration website  :



Complete the Online Training and pass the Qualification Test before May 30, 2022 (the link will be sent by email in 7 days after registration)


Estimated number of volunteer recruitment: 800 volunteers

²  Student who completes the volunteering service will be awarded a volunteer certificate.


Online Volunteer Training (Chinese Version)


 Volunteer Preparatory Information Session

If you are assigned as the volunteer for 2022 Spring Semester, please watch the video thoroughly to provide a better service to the International Student.


 Preparatory Information Session Video (2022 Spring Semester)

⦿ Degree Student:
⦿ Non-Degree Student:


Preparatory Information Session Presentation (2022 Spring Semester)

⦿ Degree Student:
⦿ Non-Degree Student:


Service Learning (B) & Volunteer Certificate Application

 Arrangement Result

The Volunteer Arrangement Result for 2022 Fall Semester will be announced through the Volunteer System on 17.00, June 10, 2022.



※ Global Affairs Manager:Ms. Nicole Theodore, Email:, Phone:02-33662007轉344



Last update : 2022 / 05 / 21