Dual Degree Programs Introduction


NTU has signed a Memorandum on International Dual Degrees with several partner universities to acknowledge academic credits from one another. Upon fulfilling the graduation requirements of NTU and a partner university regarding a period of study and credit, students participating in this program will be able to obtain academic degrees from both universities. This program benefits students with cultural exchanges in language, academics, and culture alongside the international competitiveness brought out by the local and global degrees.

For school regulations please refer to 國立臺灣大學辦理境外雙聯學位實施辦法 ​(in Chinese only).


Currently enrolled NTU student.

Application Process

To search for all dual degree programs, please refer to Agreement Search.
Regarding the signing of the dual degree program agreement, please refer to 校際交流及協議 (in Chinese only).

Last update : 2022 / 07 / 18