2022/2023 Fact Sheet for Partner Universities

2022/2023 Fact Sheet Download (PDF)


Students who want to apply for the exchange program need:

  1. Nomination
    You need to be first nominated by the home university before applying for the NTU exchange program. You can find the list of partner universities annexed in the Fact Sheet.
    Please pay attention that:
    If your university does not have a signed exchange agreement with NTU you can apply for the Visiting Student Program which is a free-mover program. 
    OIA is only responsible for the application of university-level exchange programs, if you are going to apply for college/department-level exchange program, please contact the relevant college/department office directly. You can find the College Contact Information under the link.

  2. Language Proficiency
    You should have B1 level for English or Chinese Language Proficiency according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) as courses at NTU are mainly taught in English or Chinese.
    For questions regarding language proficiency certificate please contact your home university.

  3. GPA Requirement
    National Taiwan University requires a minimum of 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale. 

  4. Citizenship
    You should hold a non-Taiwanese passport. Students with only Taiwanese nationality are not eligible for the exchange program. Students with double citizenship where one is of foreign origin are allowed to apply. 

Term Structure of the Academic Year

Please check the Academic Calendar for details regarding the starting and ending dates of the Fall and Spring semester. 

First (Fall) Semester: From September to December
Second (Spring) Semester: From February to June
Orientation: One week before the beginning of the semester
Suggested date of arrival: please consult with the coordinator in charge of your region.  

Course Information

Credit Requirement
  • According to NTU regulations, exchange students must take at least 2 courses or 4 credits per semester. Furthermore, students should also follow the requirements of their home university. 
How to search for NTU course information?
  • The course information for the First (Fall) semester: available in August; Second (Spring) semester: available in January.
  • Before course information is announced, you may still refer to the NTU Course Information to search for courses offered in the past few years for your reference. For questions regarding a specific field/course, please contact the relevant department or the course instructor directly. 
  • Exchange students are allowed to enroll in most courses available at NTU with the exception of the restricted courses. We recommend you to check the list of Colleges and Departments at NTU before looking for the courses.
Chinese Courses for Exchange Students:
  • Exchange students can enroll in NTU General and Enhancing Chinese Course which is a complimentary language course under the exchange program. For more details, please visit the page of Chinese for International Students >> General and Enhancing Chinese.
Restrictions or Requirements:

  • International College, D-School, Graduate School of Advanced Technology, and Center for General Education are not open for the exchange students to apply.

  • In regards to student status restrictions, please refer to the column "Limits on Course adding/dropping" for each specific course at NTU Online Course Information.


On-campus housing is currently not available for exchange/visiting students. Please arrange your own accommodation for your exchange/visiting period at NTU. You may refer to this page for some reliable resources to look for places for your stay at NTU.   

Accomodation Fee Waiver

If you are a student from the following universities that offer complimentary housing to NTU exchange students, you are welcome to enjoy free accommodation during your exchange period in NTU:

  1. Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
  2. Soka University, Japan
  3. Complutense University of Madrid, Spain

When exempted from accommodation fees thanks to bilateral agreements, you are granted the Guo Qing Dorm (IYC) Twin Share.


The scholarships are exclusively for degree students (undergraduate and graduate). For scholarships for non-degree programs (exchange and visiting), please contact your home university about the possibilities.


Last update : 2022 / 06 / 28