FAQ - Chinese for International Students

Students who wish to take General/Enhancing Chinese Course are required to register and take the placement test in person. Students can confirm their assigned class on the Course Selection System (Please note that any time conflicts of courses are NOT allowed). Class arrangement (Chinese level, instructor, etc.) will be available one week after the placement test at: https://oia.ntu.edu.tw/en > News .
General/Enhancing Chinese Course cannot be found/added on the NTU online course selection system. Students need to attend the registration and placement test on the designated date to register for the course,.
Students must attend the registration and placement test in order to take the Chinese course. OIA  will arrange a make-up placement test for those who arrive in Taiwan later than the designated date.
Students who have never learn Chinese before do not need to take the test. However, students are still required to come to the registration and fill out the registration form to register.
Please ask for the permission from the course instructor. However, students who have registered will have the priority to take the course.
For credits and hours, please refer to https://oia.ntu.edu.tw/en > Current Students > Chinese for International Students. For the syllabus of each course, please refer to NTU Online Course Information for more information.
Students who have taken General/Enhancing Chinese Courses for the 1st semester will be automatically enrolled in the 2nd semester to next level. Students can check their General/Enhancing Chinese Course on the Course Selection System at the end of Week One, .
Students who would like to take Enhancing Chinese Course must take General Chinese Course at the same time.
NTU course selection system does not allow any time conflict/overlapping of courses. Students need to the course they prefer to take and drop the other course, or both of the courses will be  deleted automatically from your course schedule.
Students who would like to drop the course should follow NTU course selection regulations. Those who do not attend the registration and placement test cannot take General Chinese Course.
Yes, please follow NTU course selection regulations to add/drop your course on the system. For add/drop info, please refer to the following Q&A.
Please ask for the Authorization/Permission Code from the course instructor.
Please refer to "Manual Course Add" on the course selection system (only for Week Three).
Please refer to "NTU Course Withdrawal Application" (myNTU).
Students who want to switch class must ask for the Authorization/Permission Code (授權碼) from the Chinese instructor of the new class. After getting the Authorization/Permission Code, students can drop the original class and add the new class on the Course Selection System before deadline.
Please refer to https://oia.ntu.edu.tw > Prospective Students > Learning Chinese.