Intensive Courses by International Guest Lecturers

Application Form:

Application Form for Intensive Courses by International Guest Lecturers

Please prepare the course syllabus, as well as the international guest lecturer's specialization, invitation, and CV before beginning the application.


Application Description:

1. Regulations

Precautions for Intensive Courses at National Taiwan University

2.Course Characteristics 

A short-term, intensive course taught by a visiting international scholar regarding their specific fields.

3. Subsidy Recipients 

International guest lecturers offering a course at NTU

4. Eligibility Requirements

(1)Minimum number of enrolled students:

-Undergraduate-level course: at least 15 students

-Graduate-level course: at least 10 students

(2)If the course is taught in collaboration with NTU faculty members, the classes taught by the international guest lecturer must account for at least two-thirds of the course.

5. Subsidy Amount

(1)One-credit courses will receive up to 30,000 NTD.

(2)Two-credit courses will receive up to 50,000 NTD.

6. Notes

(1)Applications for subsidies for international guest lecturers teaching intensive courses can be handled at any time, based on the visiting time of the guest lecturer. 

(2)Reimbursement must be handled by the responsible administrative staff or NTU faculty member. 

Last update : 2023 / 12 / 18