EMI TA Subsidy Application


English Medium Instuction Teaching Assistantship Program

2. Subsidy Recipients

Those who have obtained the English Medium Instruction Teaching Assistants (EMI TA) Certificate issued by the NTU Center for Bilingual Education.

3. Subsidy Amount

(1)Undergaduate Student: NTD 7,000/Month ; Master's Student: NTD 9,500/Month ; Doctoral Student: NTD 12,000/Month

(2)If the course does not offer as least two credits, the above subsidy will be reduced by 50%. 

4. Qualification for Application 

(1)Only undergradate and upper level courses are eligible, graduate level courses (including degree

     courses) are not eligible.

(2)For General Courses, please apply through the Center for General Education; for Foundation Courses, please apply through the Office of Academic Affairs; for  Specialization Program Courses and Required Courses, please apply through the Office of International Affairs. 

5.Application and Allocation Principles

The expected student enrollment for the coming semester, the student enrollment the previous three times the course was taught, as well as the TA's anticipated responsibilities based on the course type will be considered in the approval process:

Course Categories and Allocation Principles for English as a Medium of Instruction Teaching Assistantship Subsidies

6. Application

(1)For application information, please click here.

(2)Employment of the EMI TA will be processed after the committee has reviewed the EMI TA Subsidy application.


Course instructors may look for suitable EMI TAs beforehand. Once the TA(s) has been approved, the student(s) must be certified by NTU Center for Bilingual Education (CBE) as an EMI TA in order to receive the EMI TA grant.


*2024 Fall Semester Training Schedule*

Registration info: https://cbe.ntu.edu.tw/focus/54

After completing the online and in-person training workshop, students will receive both the NTU EMI TA and TA certificate.


For EMI TA training related matters, please contact Stephanie Yu from CBE at (02)3366-7970#217.






Last update : 2024 / 06 / 18