Subsidies for English Teaching


1. On the Implementation of Subsidies for Teaching in English at National Taiwan University

2. Precautions for Intensive Courses at National Taiwan University


Types of Subsidized EMI Courses

EMI stands for “English as a Medium of Instruction,” meaning the course materials, lectures, and discussions are all in English.

1. Foundation Courses and General Education Courses

This refers to foundational courses and general liberal education courses that are open to all NTU students.

2. Module Courses

To qualify as a module, an institute or degree program must integrate at least three related courses, taught by two or more teachers, exploring a specific topic or field. The courses within the module then apply for the subsidy together. (Only graduate-level programs qualify)

3. Intensive Courses by International Guest Lecturers

These are short-term, intensive courses taught by visiting international scholars, offering one or two credits.  

4. Specialization Program Courses

Courses within a specialization program approved by Office of Academic Affairs. (Specialization Program FAQs)

5. Required Courses

Required courses within departments and institutes (not including general education and foundation courses).


Application Timeline

  1. Fall Semester Courses

    1. Application Period: the end of May through the end of July

    2. Results: Announced by the middle of September

  2. Spring Semester Courses

    1. Application period: the end of November through the beginning of January 

    2. Results: Announced by early February

  3. Intensive Courses by International Guest Lecturers

    1. Special application based on the visiting time of the international guest scholar.

Note: Exact application deadlines will vary year to year. Please check the Application page for current deadlines.


Overview of Subsidies for EMI Courses


Principles of Review for EMI Course Subsidies

  1. The subsidy will be distributed after confirming the final number of students enrolled in the course, with the following requirements:
    1. Undergraduate-level course: at least 20 enrolled students

    2. Master-level course: at least 10 enrolled students

    3. Doctorate-level course: at least 5 enrolled students

  2. For continuing courses, previous student enrollment, course evaluations, and credits will be taken into consideration. Continuing courses with strong evaluation scores and an evaluation response rate greater than 25% have the priority to receive the EMI course subsidy.

  3. Starting from the 2022-2023 academic year, courses outside of full EMI programs (such as the Master of Public Health Program, BA in Civil Engineering, and International College programs) have the priority to receive the EMI course subsidy.


Course Subsidy Funding Source

Ministry of Education's "Program on Bilingual Education for Students in College" (BEST)


Contact Information

Ms. Mandy Chen, 02 3366 2007 #397, (College of Social Sciences, Life Science, Center for General Education)

Ms. Eros Wu, 02 3366 2007 #396, (College of Science, Medicine, Engineering, Management, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science)

Ms. Diane Chen, 02 3366 2007 #398, (College of Liberal Arts, Bio-Resources & Agriculture, Public Health, Law, and others)

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