Subsidies for English Teaching


1. Implementation Directions Governing the Promotion of Subsidies for Teaching in English of National Taiwan University

2. Matters Requiring Attention for Intensive Courses Held at National Taiwan University

Types of Subsidized English Courses

1. Foundation Courses and Liberal Education Courses

Provide foundation courses and Liberal Education Courses for all NTU students.

2. Module Courses

Colleges, departments, institutes, or degree programs integrate at least three courses within a module exploring a specific topic or field.

3. Intensive Course by International Guest Lecturers

International scholars are invited to teach at NTU in English for a one or two credit point course.

Application Timeline

1. Courses Starting in the First Semester: public announcement every March, application to be handed in July 20, announcement of results in September.

2. Courses Starting in the Second Semester: public announcement at the end of October, applications to be handed in December, announcement of results in January.

3. Intensive Courses by International Guest Lecturers: special application based on the visiting time of international guest lecturers.  

Overview of Subsidies for Teaching in English

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