Why Study at NTU

National Taiwan University, Your Best Choice

NTU is the number one university in Taiwan

National Taiwan University (NTU) is the number 1 university in Taiwan, the number 19 university in Asia, and the number 68 in the world according to the 2022 QS University Rankings.

NTU is at the top of the nation in terms of both breadth of academic fields and volume of programs, with more than 200 degree programs ranging from the natural sciences to the humanities and social sciences. Students who study at NTU become a part of the nation's richest center of learning and are given the opportunity to receive a diverse and superlative education. NTU's vision embraces expert knowledge and strong techniques, guided by independent thought and a pioneering spirit of enterprise.

NTU offers the means to realize your potential

NTU provides many opportunities to realize your potential alongside Taiwan's best students and faculty, within an exciting and supportive environment. With thousands of courses taught in Chinese and English, students are able to undertake the most extensive range of academic programs in Taiwan. No matter what subject you are interested in, there will be a significant number of high-quality courses and programs for you.

NTU lets you experience Asia's most vibrant and progressive democracy

NTU alumni can be found at the top of government, research, industry and other public and private institutions, where they are influential in promoting the development of Taiwan's politics, economy, high-tech industries, society and culture. Thanks to the liberal and critical education which you can experience first-hand at NTU, they have contributed to realizing progressive values in Taiwan.

To learn more about life and education in Taiwan, please visit Why Study in Taiwan.

An Internationalized World-Class University

Connect with the world through NTU

NTU has over 600 partner universities in more than 60 different nations. As an NTU student, you will have numerous opportunities to gain international experience abroad through a variety of degree and non-degree programs. Through NTU you will have the chance to cooperate with professors and students from all over the world to engage in top-class research on the national and international levels, making your own contribution to changing the world.

A competitive advantage

An NTU education gives you experience of the Chinese-speaking world, which in today's world is a considerable asset. Combined with NTU's emphasis on academic freedom and critical thinking, this gives students a clear competitive advantage and a high employability: the QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2020 rank NTU at number 56, with a score of 94.9 in alumni outcomes.

World-class research

NTU has the highest research budget among all the universities in Taiwan, and the results are there: NTU is ranked among the top 1% in the world by number of highly-cited papers in 19 out of 22 areas in the Essential Science Indicators (ESI) database.

For an overview of NTU's international aspects, visit Internationalization.

First-Class Resources and Services

NTU offers a wide range of high quality resources and services that you can use during your studies here.

A privileged location

NTU's main location is a large garden-campus in the center of Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. It is easily accessible by public transport and provides the perfect starting point from which to explore this modern and international metropolis.

The largest library in Taiwan

With 2.4 million volumes, NTU's Main Library is the largest university library in Taiwan. It has a large multimedia center and 24-hour self-study room, providing the perfect place for students to prepare for class or do research.

Sports facilities

A large part of the campus is devoted to sports and exercises, including the Old Stadium, an outdoor swimming pool, and various outdoor tennis, basketball, volleyball and other courts and playing fields, also the New Sports Center opened in 2002 which holds an indoor swimming pool, several indoor courts, a gym and martial arts room,.

An e-University

NTU offers a digital campus with computing widely availabile in addition to many digital resources, such as webmail portals, multiple networking services, computer courses, distance learning services, cloud storage, professional software and other services such as the MyNTU portal, NTU Space, NTU AppShare, NTU SoftBank and iNTU.

Over 400 student clubs

With over 400 student clubs and school teams for all the popular sports, you will definitely find a second home at NTU, no matter what your interests are. If you can't find a club to suit your interests, you can also start your own club.

See Campus Life to learn more about the resources and services available at NTU.

What to Study

NTU provides a wide selection of degree, non-degree, short-term and language programs of varying lengths for international students to apply to. Programs are available in Chinese, English, or both. Regardless of whether you want to spend one semester at NTU to study Chinese to give you a competitive edge, or several years to earn a degree that kicks off your career, NTU is sure to offer a program that meets your needs.


Degree programs

Students with nationalities other than Taiwanese applying for a degree program at NTU are divided into International Students, Overseas Chinese students, Hong Kong and Macau Students, and Mainland Chinese Students. The application process, tuition fees and available degrees may differ depending on student identities. Please visit Who Can Apply? for more information on the differences in student identities and application process.

NTU offers the following degree programs:

Undergraduate Degree Program

Undergraduate degree programs are programs at the bachelor's level that take a minimum of 4 years to complete. An increasing number of undergraduate degree programs offer enough courses in English to meet graduation requirements.

Graduate Degree Program

NTU offers graduate degree programs on the master's and PhD levels that take upwards of 1 year to complete. Similar to undergraduate degree programs, an increasing number of programs offer courses in English.

Dual/Joint Degree Program

Dual and joint degree programs are programs offered by NTU in cooperation with partner universities. Students have to be nominated by their home university (NTU or overseas universities) and they will spend at least one semester at NTU or at a partner university. Students who have completed a dual degree will receive diplomas from both NTU and the partner university; for joint degrees, students receive a diploma signed by both NTU and the partner university. Depending on the program and partner university, dual degree programs may cover different degree levels, for example a bachelor's degree followed by a master's degree.

Non-degree programs

Students wishing to come to NTU for a short period of time and use its world-class academic resources can do so through one of the following non-degree programs:

Exchange Student Program

Each year, NTU welcomes around 1500 international students from partner universities to take part in NTU's Exchange Student Program, benefitting from NTU's internationally regarded quality, unique educational environment and friendly community. The Exchange Student Program lasts one semester to one academic year, and students must be nominated by their home university.

Visiting Student Program

The Visiting Student Program is a fee-paying program designed for outstanding current students of overseas universities who wish to broaden their horizons while earning credits at NTU. Students in this program receive the same benefits as exchange students.

Research Visiting Program

The Research Visiting Program is designed for students enrolled in overseas academic institutions who are interested in conducting a short-term internship or research with an NTU faculty member. While research visiting students can make use of NTU's academic resources, they cannot enroll in courses, and on-campus housing cannot always be guaranteed.

Short-term programs

NTU offers a series of short-term programs organized by the NTU Plus Academy that enable students to experience the local customs and the rich natural ecology of Taiwan, gaining further insights into traditional and modern society in several fields of study. The program offers courses taught by distinguished faculty in Chinese or English. These courses allow students to earn academic credits and enjoy the cultural immersion. Through a series of field trips and cultural activities, students gain in-depth knowledge about the different environmental, historical, and sociocultural aspects of Taiwan.

Find out more about NTU's short-term programs here.

Learning Chinese

NTU's Chinese language courses are among the world's most popular. You can decide to learn only Chinese, or you may take Chinese courses in addition to any other academic program of your choice. Every international student has access to a wide range of levels available. Certain programs are offered free of charge to international students enrolled at NTU.

Interested in learning Chinese at NTU? Visit this link to learn more.

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