Intensive Courses by International Guest Lecturers

1. Regulations

Matters Requiring Attention for Intensive Courses at National Taiwan University

2. Subsidy Recipient 

International guest lecturer offering a course at NTU

3. Application Details

Course must be taught in English

Minimum number of students taking the course:

  • Undergraduate: a minimum of ten students is required.

  • Graduate: a minimum of seven students is required.

If the course is co-lectured with NTU lecturers, the classes offered by the international guest lecturer must make up two third of the course.

4. Subsidies

One credit point courses can be subsidized with 30000 TWD.

Two credit point courses can be subsidized with 50000 TWD.

5. Please note

In addition to the application schedule outlined above, applications for subsidies for inviting international guest lecturers for intensive courses can be handled any time based on the visiting time of the guest lecturer. 

Subsidies must be handled by the responsible administrative staff or NTU lecturer. 

Last update : 2021 / 01 / 21