Scholarships - Scholarships for Current Students

The Scholarships shown as below are only for the current international degree students who were applying for admission in accordance with the Ministry of Education's Regulations for International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan.

 College/Department Scholarship

Please refer to the Application Requirements and Admission Quotas for International Degree Students

 Financial Assistance Grant for International Students PDF

Available Degree: Bachelor, Master, Ph.D

Coverage and Amount: (1) Tuition waiver + Monthly stipend TWD 6,000/month for 12 months  (2)  Tuition waiver

Duration: 1 year

How to Apply:  Every college holds the authority to the application procedures.

Application Period: This year's application was over.

The 6th Gratitude & Heritage Scholarship & Literature and Art's Competition in 2020 (PDF)

Applicable Degree: (1) Scholarship: Bachelor 2nd year and above /Graduate students 

                               (2) Literature and Art's Competition : No limits 

Coverage and Amount:  The content and application methods vary. Please refer to the Scholarship regulation. 

Application Deadline: (1) Scholarship: Please submit the application documents(hard copy) to OIA, room 418, before                                                                                                 October 26th, 2020, at 12 p.m. 

                                     (2) Literature and Art's Competition : Applicants have to send the application documents by themselves                                                                                                                     before December 15th,2020. 

Evaluation: (1) Scholarship: The university will gather the applications and send them out together.

                   (2) Literature and Art's Competition : Applicants have to apply to Sino International Business Innovation                                                                                                      Association(SIBIA) directly. 

*Please note that the application deadline and methods for scholarship is different from that of Literature and Art's Competition. Please take a look at the scholarship regulation carefully. 

2020/2021 Taipei Tienmou Rotary Club Scholarship PDF

Applicable Degree: International students studying for a Bachelor/Master/Ph.D. degree in Taiwan

Awarding Duration: 2020/2021 Academic Year

Coverage and Amount: Each recipient will receive NTD 50,000(NTD 25,000 for each semester) and a scholarship certificate. 

Application Deadline:  September 24th, 2020. Please submit the application form to OIA, room 418. For further scholarship information, please refer to the application form (PDF)(WORD). 

Note: Applicants don't have to provide the transcripts if it's their first year in NTU. 


The Chung Hwa Rotary Educational Foundation-Taiwan Rotary Academic Scholarship PDF

Eligibility : Applicants must be a graduate student who is studying in the universities in Taiwan. 

Quota: Each university recommend 2 master students and 1 PhD student. 

Application Method: Please email the application form and the required documents to OIA at

OIA will forward your application documents to the rotary foundation. 

Application Period: Starting from today to September 22nd, at 12 p.m. 

Application Documents: Please refer to the scholarship regulation and application form. For the recommendation letter, please provide the advisor's recommendation letter. 

※ Applicants cannot obtain another scholarship at the same time.



Update: 2020 / 10 / 22