Term Structure of 2021/ 2022 Academic Year

2021 Fall (First) Semester From To
Orientation week starts September 01, 2021 September 14, 2021
Classes start September 22, 2021 January 25, 2022
2022 Spring (Second) semester From To
Orientation week starts February 8, 2022 February 13, 2022
Classes start February 14, 2022 June 17, 2022

Course Information

According to NTU regulations, exchange students must take at least 2 courses or 4 credits per semester. Furthermore, students should also follow the requirements of their home university.

The course information for 2021 Fall/ 2022 Spring semester is available in August/ January. Before course information is announced, you may still refer to the Online Course Information website to search for courses offered in the past few years for your reference. For questions regarding a specific field/course, please contact the relevant department or the course instructor directly.


  1. The College of Medicine does not accept senior and graduate exchange/ visiting students because they are not allowed to enrolled in practicum courses (clinical medicine courses  and medical research). 
  2. The Department of Anthropology requires students having Chinese language proficiency because there are no courses taught in English.
  3. The Department of Economics is under the College of Social Sciences at NTU. Courses related to economics can also be found in other departments (e.g. College of Management).
  4. GMBA required courses/ core courses are only open to GMBA degree students, whereas most GMBA elective courses are open to exchange students with the authorization codes given by course instructors.
  5. All EMBA and EiMBA courses are not open to exchange or visiting students.
  6. In regards to student status restrictions, please refer to the column "Limits on Course adding/ dropping" for each specific course at NTU Online Course Information.
  7. The following courses are NOT OPEN to Exchange/ visiting students:

    l   Practicum courses offered by the departments

    l   Practice courses offered by the Department of Chemistry

    l   Courses offered by Center for Teaching Education, and all Academic Programs (學分學程)

    l   School of Professional Education and Continuing Studies (進修推廣學院)

    l   Summer Session (暑修) and Summer College (夏季學院) courses

Important Notice

The OIA is only responsible for the application of university-level exchange student programs, if you are going to apply through college/ department-level exchange student programs, please contact the relevant college/ department office directly. Here is the College Contact Infomation for your reference.

Students who would like to study abroad as a free mover or are not qualified for our Exchange Student Programs but wish to study at NTU for a short term may consider applying for the Visiting Student Program at NTU. To get more detailed information, please refer to Visiting Student Program.

Last update : 2021 / 08 / 20