Course Selection

The course selection process is divided into three periods:

(1)       1st Course Selection Period: around three weeks before the beginning of the semester

(2)       2nd Course Selection Period: around two weeks before the beginning of the semester 

(3)       Add and Drop Period: first two weeks after the beginning of the semester


Below you can find a rough explanation of the differences between the three stages. For more information please go to the NTU Course Selection System. 


1st Course Selection Period 

During this stage you can register to all subjects online with some exceptions. To check for more details please read the Course Selection Guideline

First Course selection is set to prioritize students that belong to that department. Thus, it is highly recommended that you sign up for all the compulsory courses of your department during the 1st Course Selection Period.

Please note, that a large amount of students will login to the system simultaneously when the Course Selection System opens. To avoid congestion when accessing the Course Selection System, you are strongly recommended to plan your course list beforehand (by clicking My Class Schedule in the NTU Course Information System).

IMPORTANT: Please understand that “My Class Schedule” in the NTU Course Information System is only a platform provided for you to pre-schedule your course list; only the courses selected through the Course Selection System are counted. This means, you have to select courses by using the Course Selection System during the course selection period.  


2nd Course Selection Period 

During the Second Course Selection Period you can check for the results. If you did not get all the courses you wanted to enroll in you can select them again or you can add new courses that allow pre-registration. 

Please remember that you should not register for any course with a curriculum number similar to the one of any of the confirmed courses. 


Add and Drop Period 

After classes begin, you may attend as many classes as you wish during the first two weeks while simultaneously adding/dropping courses. During this period, you can add courses by one of the designated selection methods.

Method 1: First-Come, First-Served

The course is added directly on a first come first served manner until the number of students registered for the course reaches 400.

Method 2: Obtaining an Permission Number

The courses requires a permission number that can be obtained from the course instructor. If you received the permission number you need to introduce it in the system to add the course. 

Method 3: Computerized Random Assignment

You will be added to a waiting list for the selected course. After, the system will distribute the course randomly until the maximum capacity is reached.


Time Conflict with Other Courses

If you have any time conflicts between courses, the course selection system will cancel both classes.

To change courses during the online add/drop period, please follow the NTU course selection procedures. First, drop the conflicted course online. Only after, add the new courses according to the selection method.

Course Withdrawal

Students are allowed to withdraw 1 course after the online add/drop period. For course withdrawal, you can go to myNTU >> Courses >> Withdrawal Application System or check the steps on  the Office of Academic Affairs website.   Finish the process online and print out the course withdrawal application form. Applications for withdrawing a course will not take effect until they are signed by the instructor of the course and the director of the students’ department, and submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs before the deadline. After withdrawal, a mark of “W” will be shown on the official academic report (transcript). Please note that if you stop attending a course without following the course withdrawal procedure, you will fail the course.


Course Selection Instructions in Various Languages

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Last update : 2023 / 08 / 21