Application Timeline

2024/2025 Academic Year Start End Result
First (Fall) Semester, starting from September 2024 March 15, 2024 April 25, 2024 Early June, 2024
Second (Spring) Semester, starting from February 2025 October 1, 2024 November 10, 2024 Early December, 2024

Application Procedures

For university coordinators:

1.  Log in to the online application system (school side)

Before the online application period begins, you will receive an email notice from NTUOIA with information about the application procedure. Please log in to the NTU University-level Exchange Student Program System and submit the nomination within the nomination period (10 days).

2.  Fill in nominated students information

  • Name in English
  • Name in Chinese (if the student has it)
  • Contact Email
  • Current Degree Level
  • Current Department/Institution
  • Current Academic Year
  • Exchange Period

3.  Click Save to send out nomination

After you submit the nomination list, nominees will automatically receive a notification email from the system. In the email, nominees will receive a personalized link to the application system. Nominees will need to set up their passwords and start proceeding with their applications.

Please note that once you submit the nomination list, you cannot revise it anymore. Submit the nomination only when you have the full list of nominated students.


For students:

Students who wish to apply through the University-level Exchange Student Program must be nominated by their home universities. Students will not be able to apply without a nomination. Students who received the nomination should complete the online application through the online application system during the application period. Late application is not accepted.

1.  Nominated by home university

2.  Log in to the application system to complete the online application

  • Nominees will automatically receive an email notice from the system after their home university’s coordinator submits the nomination. Nominees could log in to the online application system (student side) and start the online application. For first-time login, you must set up a new password.
  • Fill in the online application form Upload documents Confirm to submit. The list of required documents and instructions is included in the sheet below.
  • Please note that applications cannot be modified once sent out. Those who wish to modify should contact the exchange student program coordinator from the Office of International Affairs, NTU.

3.  Track the application status

Log in to the system to check the application status and the admission results after submitting the application.


Application Documents




Upload format


Passport-sized photograph

 -This photo will be used for making the NTU student ID card;

 - Please provide a photo that corresponds to the guideline.



Motivation letter/Statement of Purpose

 - Elaborate your motivation for applying or study plan for NTU Exchange Student Program as much as possible; 

 - One full page in length;

 - In English or Chinese only.



Official Transcript with Academic Records

 - All courses taken during the period of your current study level should be included.

 - In English or Chinese only.



Color Photocopy of non-Taiwanese Passport

 - Only the page with your personal information and photo should be provided;
 - For those who hold an R.O.C. (Taiwan) passport, please combine both passport copies in one file.




Due to the limited number of dormitory rooms, on-campus housing is applicable but not guaranteed to all exchange students. Please specify your preference in the NTU Exchange Student Program Application System if you would like to get a place on the waiting list. The result of the dormitory arrangement will be announced around one month prior to the semester’s start. You will only be notified if you get a place at one of the NTU dormitories.

▼Types of Accommodation

  Dormitory Room type Approximate Fee Description
A Prince House - NTU Shui Yuan Dorms Shui Yuan Suite (Single Suite with Communal Kitchen)

TWD 10,100 per month
(water included)

A bed, a private bathroom, and a communal kitchen shared among five residents
B Single Suite TWD 8,210 per month
(water included)
A bed and a private bathroom
C Twin Suite TWD 5,370 per month
(water included)
A bed and a private bathroom shared by two residents
D NTU General Dorms Twin Room or Quad Room TWD 7,900 – 12,900 per semester
(water included) 

A bed, desk, chair, and wardrobes


Important Notes

  • Students who are exempted from accommodation fees due to bilateral agreements will be assigned to Guo Qing Twin Share (not listed in the table above). If you receive free housing but wish to change to the other dorms, the accommodation fee waiver will be canceled and you must pay the full amount of the fee for your dorm.
  • Prince House – NTU Shui Yuan Dorm is the university’s newest dormitory, and its management and operation are contracted out to Prince Housing and Development Corporation.
  • For NTU General Dorms, rooms are either twin rooms or quad rooms. Students cannot choose which dormitory to live in. For information about the types of rooms and prices, please refer to General Dorm information.
  • You cannot choose your roommate. Male and female rooms are separated in all the NTU dormitories.
  • According to NTU Accommodation Regulations, students living in on-campus accommodation are not allowed to host others in the dormitory overnight. Please note that NTU does not have a dormitory for couples or families.

For more information on the on-campus and off-campus housing, please visit: >>International Students >> Accommodation


Last update : 2024 / 02 / 22