Applied Chinese

Course Introduction

The Applied Chinese Course is a topic-based course with 2 credits/course. You are not required to take the Placement Test to add the course, you can directly select the course from the Course Selection System.

2023/2024 Spring Semester Courses:

serial number Curriculum Number Curriculum Identity Number Course title Credits Instructor Schedule/Classroom
88470 PTCSL5009 146 U0020  Learning Chinese through Corpora 2 LI-PING CHANG Course Suspended
387 PTCSL7913 146 U9130  Business Chinese 2 HUNG, TANG-HSIN Thu3,4Xingsheng Lecture Building Rm.401(新401)
67686 PTCSL7915 146 U9150  Basic Taiwanese 2 WANG LAI, YU-SUN Mon8,9Gongtong Lecture Building Rm.204(共204)
41528 PTCSL7915 146 U9150  Basic Taiwanese 2 CHEN FENG-HUI Wed8,9Gongtong Lecture Building Rm.307(共307)
18853 PTCSL7921 146 U9210  Daily Chinese 2 LYU,HUEI-MIN Wed8,9Zonghe Lecture Building Rm. 502(綜502)
32184 PTCSL7923 146 U9230  Intermediate Taiwanese 2 WANG LAI, YU-SUN Tue8,9Gongtong Lecture Building Rm.202(共202)
41332 PTCSL7923 146 U9230  Intermediate Taiwanese 2 CHEN FENG-HUI Wed6,7Gongtong Lecture Building Rm.306(共306)
47727 PTCSL5008 146 U9370  Poetry of the Tang and Song Dynasty 2 LIU, HSIAO-SHENG Mon8,9Zonghe Lecture Building Rm. 602(綜602)




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Enrollment of Applied Chinese Courses follows the Schedule of Academics Affairs in Online Course Selection System.

Last update : 2024 / 02 / 16